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Millie & Marlowe Beach Session

Millie & Marlowe Beach Session

It's always such an honor when a client comes back for more photos of their furbabies! After Millie and Marlowe's first session, there were already talks of doing a beach session. I was so excited when their mom contacted me after I announced by Folly Beach shoots!!! I'd get to work with this amazing family again?!? Heck yeah!!!

Millie and Marlowe's first session took place when they were just puppies (check out their first session HERE). They were so small and bouncy and we produced some of... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Harper Lee and Jane Austen

Harper Lee and Jane Austen

If you know that slightest thing about literature, you'll get a kick out of Harper Lee and Jane Austen's names. I mean, how adorable is that clever combo?

Believe it or not, Harper Lee is actually a happy, goofy, white Goldendoodle while Jane Austen is a tiny, squirmy King Charles puppy. Together, they are just plain ol' adorable.

We spent their pet portrait session hanging out on their porch and backyard. I was told they spend countless hours propped up on the half-wall of the patio just staring out at Lake Norman while... (click on the image above to continue reading)



Oh my Dog! Emma could be the most sweet, sugar-coated, melt-in-your-mouth kinda pup I know. This little angel was a true gem during our session and she gave me some of my new favorite images. Her session took place at one of my favorite locations and we were able to explore and enjoy the lovely Fall colors. The sun...



The fall colors popped a little later than usual this year so Abby's family lucked out during their session. We thought we'd miss prime leaf-changing but Mother Nature surprised us!

Dear Abby's session (get it? hehe!) turned out to have some of the best color of all my Fall sessions. And Abby's gorgeous coloring was just the icing on the gold and orange cake!

Our session took place at Jetton Park on the banks...

Sunny, Rusty, Lilith and Chip

Sunny, Rusty, Lilith and Chip

It was definitely the coldest morning of the Fall season and I was struggling through a terrible flu/double ear infection/cough-thing, but I couldn't let this four-pack of poodles down. Their session had already been rained out once, so this brisk November morning was going to happen. And I'm so glad it did! With some delicious tea from their fur-mom, we powered through the cold. Woohoo! First to get photographed...

Escher, Petey and Odin

Escher, Petey and Odin are a trio of amazing rescued pups with a mom that has a heart of gold. Her love for dogs, friends, and family runs deep. So much so, in fact, a special someone (or someones?) gifted her with a session for her three babies...(I will never tell!). Just their special way of saying thanks for being such a wonderful person and furmom. :) We spent a lovely evening in and around their Mount Holly neighborhood. The leaves were just past prime but we still succeeded in finding some wonderful color and a gorgeous field (that I fell in love with).

I introduce Petey, the shy but so, so sweet white Boxer/Hound/Bulldog mix; Odin, the little Chi/Jack Russell mix that loves his big brothers; and Escher, the goofy big Dane/Lab/Boxer guy that was our comic relief. :)

Modern Pet PortraitsCharlotte NC Pet PhotographyCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerCharlotte NC Pet PhotographerEast Coast Pet PhotographerFun and Modern pet portraitsNorth Carolina Pet PhotosCharlotte NC Dog PhotographyModern Images for Posh PetsNorth Carolina Pet PhotographerNorth Carolina Animal PhotographerCarolina's Pet PortraitsDog Portrait PhotographerThis could possibly be one of my favorite kissy picture. We were under high-tension power-lines with houses in the background, but at the right angle, these two look like the only ones around for miles. Love, love, love.Mount Holly Dog PhotographerThanks for being such a wonderful mom and friend, Jen!!!

Charlie and Cooper

Gorgeous young pups + a fantastic waterfront yard + perfect weather =  this session! Seriously, Charlie and Cooper rocked this one out!

Cooper is a 4-month-old Golden with the most beautiful white fur and goofy long legs. Any puppy will steal your heart but Cooper is really, really good at it. Watching this clumsy sweetheart bounce around his yard was way too much for my dog-loving heart to handle. Yeah, I wanted to steal him.

Not to be outdone, Charlie, a one-year-old Yorkie-mix, worked his cute little face for the camera. This momma's boy happily showed me around his incredible backyard while keeping me on my toes.

What a lucky, lucky family these two have!!!

North Carolina Animal PortraitsCharlotte NC Pet PhotographerCornelius NC Dog PhotographerLab PicturesCarolina's Pet Portrait PhotographerCharlotte NC Dog PortraitsContemporary Dog PortraitsYorkie PicturePlayful and fun Pet photographyModern Images for Posh PetsCharlotte NC Pet PhotographySunset on the dock simply was too magical to comprehend. Love... Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerThese two. My heart is like butter. It was a pleasure working with you...Lake Norman Pet Portraits

Svennie and Willow

Puppy mills are a huge problem in North Carolina and Svennie was one of the many, many dogs that have to suffer the consequences of our lack of laws and punishments. A year ago, Svennie was rescued during a puppy mill raid. She was only 6 months old but she was already left with the everlasting health effects...including meningitis. Her parents gave her all the medical care, love, and feeling of home that she was denied for the first part of her life. Despite all of their efforts, the balancing act between Svennie's prednisone and meningitis became too much for her delicate body to handle. Sadly, we scheduled her Angel Session as she was being weaned off her last round of meds.

Cute Pet PortraitsModern Images for Posh PetsCharlotte, NC Pet PhotographerCharlotte North Carolina Pet PhotographyWillow, Svennie's sister, joined in on the session too. She provided some comic relief for what was a very heartbreaking session.Charlotte, NC Dog PhotographerCarolina's Pet PhotographerSome of my favorite images were of Svennie with her mom. Although they only got to share 1 year together, their love was like no other.Angel SessionCharlotte, NC Pet PhotographyBoxer LoveRest in peace, sweet Svennie. We will do all we can in your honor to make this puppy mill problem a thing of the past.