Sunny, Rusty, Lilith and Chip

It was definitely the coldest morning of the Fall season and I was struggling through a terrible flu/double ear infection/cough-thing, but I couldn't let this four-pack of poodles down. Their session had already been rained out once, so this brisk November morning was going to happen. And I'm so glad it did! With some delicious tea from their fur-mom, we powered through the cold. Woohoo!

First to get photographed was October Rust, aka, Rusty. This tall girl was born without a ball-and-socket joint in her front leg. She has a little limp but gets by just fine! She loves to explore her big backyard and find sticks to run around with and chew on.

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Another one of Rusty's favorite activities is to wrestle with her sister, September Sun (on the right, below).

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September Sun, aka Sunny, is obsessed with tennis balls and her frisbee. As long as I had either one of those handy, I had her undivided attention!

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After the big girls, we photographed Lilith. This little toy Poodle was found abandoned in Charlotte but has settled in perfectly in her Poodle-filled home. She's now obsessed with squeakies and will rip apart any toy to get to them.

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Lastly, we photographed Chippendale...Chip, for short. This little guy was most likely a puppy mill dog. He isn't really sure how to act like a dog and certainly hadn't seen grass before. He walks around with his head if he is constrained by a cage. Luckily, he's been rescued and is doing wonderfully! He's getting more and more adventurous in his yard and even gets zoomies from time to time! Yay for happy endings!

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I was lucky enough to catch him in zoomie-mode! Eeeeek!!!

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It was a real honor photographing this large pack! Kuddos to their humans for being so loving and kindhearted. This is why I love my clients. Dog lovers are a-okay in my book!