Millie & Marlowe Beach Session

Millie & Marlowe Beach Session

It's always such an honor when a client comes back for more photos of their furbabies! After Millie and Marlowe's first session, there were already talks of doing a beach session. I was so excited when their mom contacted me after I announced by Folly Beach shoots!!! I'd get to work with this amazing family again?!? Heck yeah!!!

Millie and Marlowe's first session took place when they were just puppies (check out their first session HERE). They were so small and bouncy and we produced some of... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Harper Lee and Jane Austen

Harper Lee and Jane Austen

If you know that slightest thing about literature, you'll get a kick out of Harper Lee and Jane Austen's names. I mean, how adorable is that clever combo?

Believe it or not, Harper Lee is actually a happy, goofy, white Goldendoodle while Jane Austen is a tiny, squirmy King Charles puppy. Together, they are just plain ol' adorable.

We spent their pet portrait session hanging out on their porch and backyard. I was told they spend countless hours propped up on the half-wall of the patio just staring out at Lake Norman while... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Millie and Marlowe

Oh My Dog! Oh My Dog! Oh My Dog! That's what kept running through my head during Millie and Marlowe's session...and while I was culling their images...and editing...and designing their album...and on and on and on. Seriously. These two Goldendoodle puppies gave me a perma-grin that I just can't shake. I don't think anyone can handle all of their cuteness. So I'm putting it to the test with this blog post.

We spent a lovely evening in Millie and Marlowe's backyard where these two got to go all out wild! They were wrestling, chasing the ball, and plain ol' acting goofy. I mean, what else would puppies do? I introduce Millie (on the right) and Marlowe (on the left)...

Charlotte NC Pet PhotographyMarlowe is the youngest of the two at just 5 months. I think he's part kangaroo because he's a hopping machine!Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerGoldendoodle Puppy with BallCharlotte NC Goldendoodle PortraitAghhhhhhh! I told you the cuteness would be too much!!!!Goldendoodle Puppy PortraitsGoldendoodle Puppy PhotographerModern Images for Posh PetsMillie is the older sister (actually half-sister) and comes in at 11 months old. She's been through some training and was happy to show off her new "sit" command as well as her don't-ignore-me face!Contemporary Animal PortraitsNorth Carolina Pet Portrait PhotographerCharlotte NC Puppy PhotographerFun Dog PhotographyCute Pet Photos

The whole time I was at their house, Millie and Marlowe never chilled out next to each other. We kinda made this moment happen but only after the craziness you're about to see...Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerThis is more like the puppy-play I witnessed when they were together. Haha! They were full-throttle!!!Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerCharlotte NC Animal photographerDoodle puppies playing portrait

What a wonderful and fun time! Their album looks amazing and I'm even ordering a print from this session for one of my new framed print samples. Love, love, love!!!

So, I wanna know...could you handle the cuteness???

Murphy - The Goldendoodle

I've been excited to photograph Murphy since his family bought a gift certificate last year. As some of you may know, I kinda have a thing for Doodles of all sorts. If anything ever happens to one of my pups (which will never happen, right?) I want to find a Doodle to rescue. They are just so fluffy, goofy and full of personality. I must say, Murphy was no exception! Murphy grows his hair out super-long for the winter and it made me so jealous! I mean, why can't my hair be that long, flowy, blond, and wavy? Yeah, I just admitted I'm jealous of a dog's hair. Anyway, I almost think his long bangs make him look like Sam Sheepdog (please look it up if you don't know who that is). So funny!

Davidson NC Pet PortraitsMurphy was so good and patient! He's used to getting his picture taken though - he manages his own Facebook and Instragram you know. Look at that big smile on the right! :)Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerWith all that hair, we knew some action shots were a MUST! Not sure how Murphy could happy as he was, I don't think he cares if he could!Goldendoodle running with ballThere's an eye poking through! ;)Charlotte NC Animal PhotographerGoldendoodle PhotographerI can't say enough about the day we had. It was chilly but the sun was shining in full force casting beautiful light on us...Charlotte NC Pet PhotographyGoldendoodle PortraitCharlotte NC Goldendoodle PhotographerOh my Dog! That shaggy face just get me!!!Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerCharlotte NC Dog PhotographePet Portrait Photographer in North CarolinaOne of my favs! Shaggy dog? Check. Gorgeous background? Check. Head tilt? Absolutely!Modern Images for Posh PetsIf you want to see more of Murphy, check out his Instagram at @must_b_murphy. :)

Dexi and Oreo

Dexi and Oreo are the cutest pair of Goldendoodles you might ever meet. Dexi is the light-colored lady and completes the "cream" for her sister, Oreo. These buddies love to play together and generally just enjoy each other's company. I adore the sisterly love they share! Dexi tends to be a little more laid back and calm, while Oreo is a non-stop action machine! We started their session at their home so we could hang out around the yard and front porch. We even got some play time in! I love this first shot because they are completely opposite each other - their color, the paw, and their personalities. Love!!!

This family shot cracks me up! Oreo is so goofy and totally wants to be the center of attention. :)After we hung out at the house for a bit, it was time to move on to one of the pups new favorite locations - the creek! The first day we went, we lost our light immediately and had to reschedule. After days of rain, the creek was a little more swollen but it made for some fun (and wet) pictures. We had a blast!!!Dexi was a little afraid of the water and took her time getting acclimated. She watched her sister from the shoreline before deciding to make her move...Oreo didn't think twice about diving in...especially if you had a toy to throw her!I love these two happy faces!!!Sisters fighting over the ball...And of course Oreo won! :)This is Oreo's rock pose......and Dexi's rock pose. She even threw me the over-the-shoulder glance! I hope to do more sessions at the creek like this! It was so much fun and the dogs were DONE afterward! :) I personally was a, a lot...wet. Totally worth it!!!

New York Wedding

A couple weekends ago, we made the trip to upstate New York to attend a friend's wedding. We were at a loss when it came to buying a gift because they weren't registered anywhere. What to do? Well, I am definitely NOT a wedding photographer (too scared to try) but I figured I would try to grab a couple shots to give as a wedding present. I didn't want to interfere with the REAL wedding photographer so I photographed the guys getting ready - moments that sometimes get ignored. Hopefully these will make an ok gift for the bride and groom! P.S. - Props to all the wedding photogs out there! You gotta have skills!

The guys got ready at the groom's grandparent's house surrounded by family pets and pictures. What a nice way to include family members that physically could not attend the wedding...

Some little details from the reception...