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If you’re looking for unique images for your commercial project and/or pet-related business, you came to the right place! With almost 10 years of experience photographing pets, I pride myself in producing images that bring out the personality in our animal friends. I would love to make your vision come to life so please contact me to discuss your project, chat about timing, and for a shoot estimate.


PLEASE NOTE: I no longer accept private clients. However, I’m always looking for dog and cat models all across the country! If you think your pet has what it takes, scroll down for more info!



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I am always on the lookout for cat and dog models for both commercial photo shoots and personal projects. My model database is the first place I turn when I’m in need of a confident and well-trained pet for a specific job. Please note! Looks aren’t everything!!! I encourage you to submit your superstar companion if they meet the requirements below.

Your pet must be…

VERSED IN BASIC COMMANDS - Sit, stay, down, and come are basic requirements but more are always welcomed.

GOOD OFF-LEASH - Your dog must be well trained off-leash with a reliable and immediate recall.

A MASTER OF “STAY” - Your dog is required to have a strong stay command in down, standing, and sitting positions.

CONFIDENT - Your pet must be confident and focused in new environments even with distractions, noise, and new people.

You must be WILLING TO…

HANDLE YOUR PET - You might be required to handle and direct your pet throughout the shoot. This may require you to run, squat, etc for an extended period of time.

SIGN A MODEL RELEASE - You will be required to sign a model release for your pet (and yourself if you choose to be in the images).


*Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the model database nor does it guarantee future work. We are not a model agency and applicants will only be used for projects related to Sarah McGraw Photography.