Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Harper Lee and Jane Austen

Harper Lee and Jane Austen

If you know that slightest thing about literature, you'll get a kick out of Harper Lee and Jane Austen's names. I mean, how adorable is that clever combo?

Believe it or not, Harper Lee is actually a happy, goofy, white Goldendoodle while Jane Austen is a tiny, squirmy King Charles puppy. Together, they are just plain ol' adorable.

We spent their pet portrait session hanging out on their porch and backyard. I was told they spend countless hours propped up on the half-wall of the patio just staring out at Lake Norman while... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Scooter and Maverick

Scooter and Maverick are a magical pair. They give so much to each other without even trying. Scooter, an 11-year-young Cocker Spaniel, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, has heart issues, and is living with arthritis and some lumps and bumps. He's always been a happy pup but his life got much brighter when his new little brother entered the picture. Maverick, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel still under a year old, was brought home and instantly became Scooter's buddy. They cuddle, play together, and bring so much joy to their parents. Scooter instantly cheered up and even had some of the puppyhood rub off on his aging body.

I introduce Maverick, seen here with his favorite toy antler...

And here is the precious boy, Scooter. His favorite toy is his big ball. :)Maverick loves balls too and is never short of energy to play a game of fetch.I think his big smile is what cheered Scooter up right away!Another one of Scooter's favorite toys...Scooter loves his t-shirt. And, yes, what it says is true! :) These two are so happy in the arms of their parents.Sweet Scooter is certainly the love of their lives. And the best buds...

Maverick is ALWAYS ready to play!Frog legs!!!Scooter looking his most masculine...

I'm so honored to have spent this evening with these two. They are so loved and it was felt throughout the session! <3