Golden Retriever



Wanna meet a super lovable and cuddly Golden? Well, I introduce you to Brady! At 10 1/2 years young, he could be the fluffiest, most treat-loving dog ever!

Brady has epilepsy and has to take meds 4 times a day to control his seizures. His mom jokes that he's high all the time and it certainly made his session time easy - he was pretty chill and easy-going. Haha! It even started to... (click on the image above to continue reading)



Sometimes things in life just work out. Even after trouble and turmoil, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sadly, a few weeks before my Charleston/Folly Beach sessions were scheduled to take place, Camden was rushed to the emergency room and immediately went into surgery for mass on his spleen and a belly full of blood. Despite the trauma of the event, Camden came through and started to recover.

There were talks of coming down to Charleston early to make sure we'd get his session in but, happily, Camden was getting... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Rylee, Chloe, and Zoey

Rylee, Chloe, and Zoey

It is such an honor to have a client come back to use my services again. It means more to me than anything and I can't thank my repeat clients enough. It's especially meaningful when the main goal of the repeat session is to announce a major event in their lives!

I photographed Rylee, Chloe, and Zoey's a couple years ago. Since then, their parents have gotten married and...wait for it... (click on the image above to continue reading)



Colby's pet photography session came about in a unique and heart-touching way. It is a story of true love, friendship and support from those around you - people that truly understand that a pet is a member of your family.

Colby was diagnosed with cancer late last year. Of course the news was a blow to his family and they were beside themselves. His parents are recently married and just bought the house of their dreams...the perfect place for their little fur-family. They never imagined news like this would strike so soon...(click the image above to keep reading)

Charlie and Cooper

Gorgeous young pups + a fantastic waterfront yard + perfect weather =  this session! Seriously, Charlie and Cooper rocked this one out!

Cooper is a 4-month-old Golden with the most beautiful white fur and goofy long legs. Any puppy will steal your heart but Cooper is really, really good at it. Watching this clumsy sweetheart bounce around his yard was way too much for my dog-loving heart to handle. Yeah, I wanted to steal him.

Not to be outdone, Charlie, a one-year-old Yorkie-mix, worked his cute little face for the camera. This momma's boy happily showed me around his incredible backyard while keeping me on my toes.

What a lucky, lucky family these two have!!!

North Carolina Animal PortraitsCharlotte NC Pet PhotographerCornelius NC Dog PhotographerLab PicturesCarolina's Pet Portrait PhotographerCharlotte NC Dog PortraitsContemporary Dog PortraitsYorkie PicturePlayful and fun Pet photographyModern Images for Posh PetsCharlotte NC Pet PhotographySunset on the dock simply was too magical to comprehend. Love... Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerThese two. My heart is like butter. It was a pleasure working with you...Lake Norman Pet Portraits

Rylee, Chloe, and Zoey

This trio of pups' session has been on the calendar since May. They got a prime Fall slot and I'm so happy for that!!! The gorgeous, gorgeous colors were just starting to appear at the fabulous location we found. It brought out all the special beauty in these three ladies! This trio consists of Rylee, a lovely Golden Retriever who was going to be the main focus of the session; Chloe, a mini-Doxie with a chill attitude; and Zoey, a prim and proper Yorkie with stunning locks.

Everything for our session lined up - the pups were wonderful to work with, the weather and lighting were spectacular, and to top it all off, the parents were troopers!! The mom was totally chill and let things flow naturally while the dad was an awesome assistant (I'd offer him a job in a second). :) I couldn't ask for a better shoot!

Modern Images For Posh PetsWe started off focusing on Chole and Zoey. Mom just wanted a few shots of them so we wore them out so they could relax the rest of the session.Pet Photography of the CarolinasCharlotte NC Pet PhotographerContemporary Pet PhotosDog Portraiture North CarolinaPet Photographer in CharlotteNow it was time to focus on Rylee - the sunshine of her mom's life. :)Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyRylee is such a gorgeous girl with a fun and quirky personality. I think you can totally see it in the images.North Carolina Pet PhotographerPet Portraits in Charlotte NCShe can have her serious look but it's perfectly balanced with a goofy side. In fact, her parents said she was being especially goofy during the session. Show off!US Pet PhotographyCharlotte NC Pet PhotographyRylee LOVES sticks!!!! She even smiles when she fetches them!Charlotte Dog PhotographyModern Pet PhotographerWe left the park right around sunset and got to capture some wonderful views of Uptown Charlotte...Uptown Charlotte Pet PortraitsCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerUptown Charlotte skyline"Oh, you wanted to see the skyline?"Fun Photos of Pets

Many, many thanks go out to Rylee, Chole, Zoey, and this trio's wonderful parents! What an AMAZING session. I love all of your babies and can't wait to see you again!


Oh Mickey, you're so fine. You're so fine, you blow my mind. Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey! Now that I have that stuck in your head, you won't ever forget this adorable honey named Mickey. As with most older Goldens, Mickey dons the oh-so-precious white heart on his face. It's a pure heart-melter!

At 7 1/2 years old, Mickey is the center of his parent's universe. He is the only pup they have had together. When they saw Mickey's 4-legged father at the breeder, they instantly fell in love and knew they had to have one of his pups. It's been heavenly ever since!

Mickey gets to enjoy the lake view from the deck and dock in his back yard. He prefers not to go all the way in the water so we knew his handsome hair wouldn't get ruined during the session!The one place that Mickey won't dare go is the ramp that goes down to the floating dock. It's super-scary for him as his poor little paws tend to slip and he looses grip. However...during our session...he actually went down the ramp to be near me!!!! He even went back up it all on his own! His parents were amazed! You can see the beginning of the ramp in this image...He makes sure all is well on the water...Mickey's favorite toy in the world is his Bunsie. It has had some surgery to correct a amputated ear but it's still hanging in there! His mom even has a backup Bunsie should anything happen to it.We took off to a local field so Mickey could have some fun one-on-one time with his beloved stuffed friend......and to run... ...and to go for a good roll! :)We finished the evening back on the dock looking over the calm water of Lake Wylie. Mickey wasn't quite done being goofy! Lol!This time, Mickey wasn't so excited about going up and down the ramp. I just HAD to take this picture. Poor Mickey. The scariest thing in the world...

Bristol - A Furever Puppy

Bristol may be 2.5 years old but that doesn't stop everyone from thinking that this fresh-eyed Golden is still about 8 months old. With a petite 45-pound body and vibrant personality, this sweetheart has everyone fooled. This is just one of the many aspects of Bristol that her parents adore - she is a "fur"ever puppy! Along with her small stature, Bristol is a social butterfly and doesn't know a stranger. She's about as happy as they come and she was ready to show off her different smiles for the camera...

Bristol has tons of energy so we made sure we could get some time in with a tennis ball. Maybe it would take the edge off?All the fun running made Bristol a little on the warm side. While her body may be petite, her tongue is not! ;)Bristol was ready to play in the water but there was an important picture we had to get beforehand. Yep! Her mom and dad are getting married!!!"Can we play in the water now???"Well, we didn't take the edge off earlier with chasing the ball. Nope! Bristol never runs out of energy. She was sooooo excited to go swimming!Haha! Bristol blends right into the sand!When Bristol was a puppy, she chewed up a plastic toy and some of it got stuck in her tummy. She ended up having to have surgery to have it removed. To top it off, her intestine then got a small tear in it and Bristol went septic and had to have another surgery. She spent 9 days in ICU. Now, Bristol is only around toys with supervision.And she enjoys every minute with them...She is such a beautiful girl!!!If you are on a computer, you should be able to see the slideshow of Bristol running into Lake Norman. She's like the Energizer bunny! She keeps going, and going, and going!

Congratulations to Bristol's parents on their recent engagement! I hope this little sneak peek is a nice early Mother's Day surprise! :)