Harper Lee and Jane Austen

If you know that slightest thing about literature, you'll get a kick out of Harper Lee and Jane Austen's names. I mean, how adorable is that clever combo?

Believe it or not, Harper Lee is actually a happy, goofy, white Goldendoodle, while Jane Austen is a tiny, squirmy King Charles puppy. Together, they are just plain ol' adorable.

We spent their pet portrait session hanging out on their porch and backyard. I was told they spend countless hours propped up on the half-wall of the patio just staring out at Lake Norman while watching the birds and sailboats pass by. What a tough life. ;)

Of course it wasn't all lounging around. We got to play, get some zoomies in, and (shhhhhhhhhh!!!!) take a quick dip in the lake (their mommies weren't too happy about that last part). As the evening wound down (and the dogs dried off), rain clouds rolled in making gorgeous skies for some silhouettes and dramatic images.

What do you think about this duo's creative monikers? I think they suit them perfectly!!! xx!