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Millie & Marlowe Beach Session

Millie & Marlowe Beach Session

It's always such an honor when a client comes back for more photos of their furbabies! After Millie and Marlowe's first session, there were already talks of doing a beach session. I was so excited when their mom contacted me after I announced by Folly Beach shoots!!! I'd get to work with this amazing family again?!? Heck yeah!!!

Millie and Marlowe's first session took place when they were just puppies (check out their first session HERE). They were so small and bouncy and we produced some of... (click on the image above to continue reading)



Sometimes things in life just work out. Even after trouble and turmoil, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sadly, a few weeks before my Charleston/Folly Beach sessions were scheduled to take place, Camden was rushed to the emergency room and immediately went into surgery for mass on his spleen and a belly full of blood. Despite the trauma of the event, Camden came through and started to recover.

There were talks of coming down to Charleston early to make sure we'd get his session in but, happily, Camden was getting... (click on the image above to continue reading)



Ooooooh, Simba. You are such a handsome happy-faced boy! 

Simba's session took place on a very hot day (like there have been any cool ones lately?). But as long as I had his toy, he wasn't walking away to go inside to cool off. Haha! In fact, we had to hide his toy a couple times just so he would go in to take a break!

This bouncy boy loved running around his backyard, giving me smiles, and chasing his beloved toy. Some of the action shots were cracking me up with his... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Beach Sessions!

Beach Sessions!

Nothing brings a smile to your face like your dog bouncing along and exploring the beach. Now is your opportunity to capture that with amazing images that you'll treasure forever!

I'm so excited to announce that Pet Portrait Beach Sessions are now booking! 2015 brings a new location - Folly Beach, SC. It's super dog-friendly, beautiful and just a short drive from Charlotte. A limited number of sessions are available from... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Jehossee and Bullet

Jehossee and Bullet

Horses are majestic creatures and I wish I had the opportunity to work with them more. Because I didn't grow up around them, I honestly do still get a little intimidated by their size and strength. But then I see their personalities shine through and I'm reminded that they are like any of our smaller furry pets. They just want love, affection, and treats! ;)

Jehosse and Bullet's session was rained out the first go-round, but then coincidentally got rescheduled to Derby Day. How fitting! It ended up being... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Gus and Lucy

Spring is finally here and I couldn't be happier! By far, Spring is my favorite time of year to shoot. I just can't resist the green grass, the array of flowers, the birds chirping, and the warm sunshine. Ahhhhh...just thinking about it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside (especially on a cold, rainy day like today). The only thing about this Spring is that it showed up a little late this year. Winter had too hard of a grip which proved challenging for Gus and Lucy's session. Their mom reeeeeeally wanted to have a Spring-looking session but the options were limited. After hours and hours of searching for some green grass or blooming trees (not in a parking lot), I finally made my way down to Fort Mill, SC to check out the peach blossoms. They were on their way out but, luckily, they hung on just long enough for a great session.

The session was focused mostly on Gus, a 6-year-old Maltese/Bichon mix that is the light of his mom's world. Although she never thought she would have a small, white, fluffy pup, Gus has stolen her heart...

Fort Mill, SC Pet photographyLucy is Gus's sister and she was happy to jump in for a few shots as well. :)Dog Photographer in CharlotteAs I mentioned, the pink blooms blew me away in the background. How creamy and buttery do they look?!?Fort Mill SC Dog PhotographerFort Mill, SC dog photographerWho is the cutest dog? Oooh! Oooh! Me! Me!Waving white fluffy dogLucy is so regal here. In fact, she just a big goofball. PS - I love goofballs!Dogs photographed in peach treesYou, uh, got a treat?!?Fort Mill, SC Pet photographerModern Images for Posh PetsSouth Carolina Dog PhotographerPurples and pinks and greens, oh my! Gus, you are too handsome, my friend!Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerNorth Carolina Animal PortraitsSouth Carolina Pet PhotographerThey may not be the best of friends, but Lucy and Gus cooperated long enough to get a few pictures together. ;)Peach tree Pet PortraitsThat was enough of that!Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerLook out! Gus has the zoomies!!!!Fun Dog PortraitsCharlotte NC Pet PhotographyCharlotte NC Dog Photography

What a gorgeous location! I'm certainly going to keep this location in mind throughout the summer and into next spring. If you'd like to book a session here, just give me a shout. Although there are no longer blossoms on the trees, the beauty continues on.

A huge thanks to Gus and Lucy's mom for making the journey to our special spot. :)

Charlie - Fort Mill Magazine

Fluffy, adorable, little and puppy. Mmmhmmm. I'm in. Those words describe Charlie to a T! I had the opportunity to spend an evening with him as I shot some images for a story about Pet Photography for Fort Mill Magazine. He didn't disappoint and I think he had his game face on knowing that these images would be put out there for the world to see. Here are a few of my favorites of this I-wanna-kiss-your-face-all-over Havanese puppy...

Fort Mill Magazine Dog PortraitFort Mill SC Dog PhotographerPick up a copy of the magazine and flip to page 18 for the full story. Or, check out the digital copy HERE.South Carolina Pet Photographer


Oh Mickey, you're so fine. You're so fine, you blow my mind. Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey! Now that I have that stuck in your head, you won't ever forget this adorable honey named Mickey. As with most older Goldens, Mickey dons the oh-so-precious white heart on his face. It's a pure heart-melter!

At 7 1/2 years old, Mickey is the center of his parent's universe. He is the only pup they have had together. When they saw Mickey's 4-legged father at the breeder, they instantly fell in love and knew they had to have one of his pups. It's been heavenly ever since!

Mickey gets to enjoy the lake view from the deck and dock in his back yard. He prefers not to go all the way in the water so we knew his handsome hair wouldn't get ruined during the session!The one place that Mickey won't dare go is the ramp that goes down to the floating dock. It's super-scary for him as his poor little paws tend to slip and he looses grip. However...during our session...he actually went down the ramp to be near me!!!! He even went back up it all on his own! His parents were amazed! You can see the beginning of the ramp in this image...He makes sure all is well on the water...Mickey's favorite toy in the world is his Bunsie. It has had some surgery to correct a amputated ear but it's still hanging in there! His mom even has a backup Bunsie should anything happen to it.We took off to a local field so Mickey could have some fun one-on-one time with his beloved stuffed friend......and to run... ...and to go for a good roll! :)We finished the evening back on the dock looking over the calm water of Lake Wylie. Mickey wasn't quite done being goofy! Lol!This time, Mickey wasn't so excited about going up and down the ramp. I just HAD to take this picture. Poor Mickey. The scariest thing in the world...