Mount Holly

Escher, Petey and Odin

Escher, Petey and Odin are a trio of amazing rescued pups with a mom that has a heart of gold. Her love for dogs, friends, and family runs deep. So much so, in fact, a special someone (or someones?) gifted her with a session for her three babies...(I will never tell!). Just their special way of saying thanks for being such a wonderful person and furmom. :) We spent a lovely evening in and around their Mount Holly neighborhood. The leaves were just past prime but we still succeeded in finding some wonderful color and a gorgeous field (that I fell in love with).

I introduce Petey, the shy but so, so sweet white Boxer/Hound/Bulldog mix; Odin, the little Chi/Jack Russell mix that loves his big brothers; and Escher, the goofy big Dane/Lab/Boxer guy that was our comic relief. :)

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