Jehossee and Bullet

Horses are majestic creatures and I wish I had the opportunity to work with them more. Because I didn't grow up around them, I honestly do still get a little intimidated by their size and strength. But then I see their personalities shine through and I'm reminded that they are like any of our smaller furry pets. They just want love, affection, and treats! ;)

Jehosse and Bullet's session was rained out the first go-round, but then coincidentally got rescheduled to Derby Day. How fitting! It ended up being gorgeous with some fluffy clouds dancing above our heads.

Jehossee, the whitish/gray Thoroughbred, was the main focus of the shoot. He turned 30 in April and has been given the title of "glorified lawn ornament." Haha! His mom compared him to Grumpy Cat so I knew he was going to make us work hard! Lol! And OMG! He had me cracking up! He had personality for days...he was stubborn, cute, pushy, and loving all wrapped up in one handsome package. He seriously turned it on for the camera. We were actually really surprised but deep down I know he loved the attention. :)

Bullet, the brown Thoroughbred, is 29 and super, super chill. In fact, he just wanted to go back to his stall to snack and nap. He was over our nonsense but hung in there to get some great shots (and treats). If he was hanging out with Jehossee, his buddy of 20 years, he was happy (I don't know if I've even had a friend that long).

I'm so thrilled with this shoot and I adore the color and lighting we had that beautiful evening. I can't wait to see their final artwork!

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