Ooooooh, Simba. You are such a handsome happy-faced boy! 

Simba's session took place on a very hot day (like there have been any cool ones lately?). But as long as I had his toy, he wasn't walking away to go inside to cool off. Haha! In fact, we had to hide his toy a couple times just so he would go in to take a break!

This bouncy boy loved running around his backyard, giving me smiles, and chasing his beloved toy. Some of the action shots were cracking me up with his tongue flopping around and his ears caught in flight.

During one of his short breaks, we managed to get some shots of one of his feline sisters, Kit. After bribing her with catnip, she came out of her shell, got over the camera, and started to pose. She shockingly became such a camera ham!

Thanks to Simba and his family for putting up with the heat! I hope you enjoy your images for many, many years to come!

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