Brawley Animal Hospital

Brawley Animal Hospital

This past Saturday marked the Grand Opening of the brand new Brawley Animal Hospital in Mooresville!!!

They recently moved from a much smaller building into a newly redesigned and finished space. I saw many stages of the construction project and I was blown away with how perfect the new space ended up! If you are up in the Lake Norman area, you must pop in and see what a spectacular facility this is for you and your pet. Not to mention, they have some pretty stinkin' cute...(click on the image above to continue reading)

Currents Magazine Pet Issue

Currents Magazine Pet Issue

Every year, Lake Norman Currents Magazine celebrates the pets of the Lake Norman area with their annual pet issue. They host a fun contest with tons of dogs - small to large, fluffy to bald. Judges from the area have the hard decision of picking just one that will land on the cover of the magazine. This year, Cuda walked away... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Serta Pet Beds

I couldn't be more excited to share some of the fun images we got during a commercial shoot for Serta Pet Beds! Their new and jazzy website is now live! I for one know just how great these beds look and feel. I spent hours and hours stuffing them, setting them up, photographing them, and yes, lying down in them (they are super-comfy...I'd rather sleep in them than my bed!). Without further ado, here are the stunning models showing off their favorite beds...Commercial Dog PhotographerSerta Pet Beds Photo ShootCharlotte NC Pet PhotographerI really love the True Timber line. Camo is so hot right now!Charlotte NC Commercial Pet PhotographerCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerCommercial Pet PhotographerUS Pet PhotographerUS Commercial Pet PhotographyAnd a few screen shots from the new site. Go and check it out for yourself! www.brandedpetbeds.comNorth Carolina Pet PhotographerCommercial Dog PhotographerAnd of course I had to include this last screen shot. See that little black paw down there? Yep, that's my little Sadie's paw. She was so patient while we got her leg at just the right angle. I'm so proud! :)Pet PortraitsIf your pup has what it takes for commercial work (VERY well-trained, fit, etc), stay tuned to my Facebook page because I have model calls on a regular basis. :)

Currents Magazine Pet Issue

I had so much fun photographing Ace, the 2014 winner of the Lake Norman Currents Magazine cover contest. He beat out 50+ other pups in a contest that would land the winner's face on the October pet issue - all to benefit Friends of the Animals. When Ace isn't workin' his stuff in front of my camera, he's a medical alert service dog who is specially trained to alert his mom of changes in her blood sugar. And here are a couple of the fun shots we got while hanging out during our shoot...

Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerLake Norman Poodle PortraitCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerAnd here is the talented Ace on the cover. Now that's a handsome boy...2014 Lake Norman Currents Magazine Pet Issue

Charlie - Fort Mill Magazine

Fluffy, adorable, little and puppy. Mmmhmmm. I'm in. Those words describe Charlie to a T! I had the opportunity to spend an evening with him as I shot some images for a story about Pet Photography for Fort Mill Magazine. He didn't disappoint and I think he had his game face on knowing that these images would be put out there for the world to see. Here are a few of my favorites of this I-wanna-kiss-your-face-all-over Havanese puppy...

Fort Mill Magazine Dog PortraitFort Mill SC Dog PhotographerPick up a copy of the magazine and flip to page 18 for the full story. Or, check out the digital copy HERE.South Carolina Pet Photographer

Derrick - The Service Dog

At the end of August, I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot for Lake Norman Currents Magazine of an amazing family and their special service dog. I've written time and time again about how amazing these animals are and Derrick is absolutely no exception. This bright-eyed Golden mix is the service dog to Eleanor, a 10-year old born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Derrick, who was adopted from Canine Companions for Independence, responds to over 40 commands and helps Eleanor with everyday tasks. To read more about this amazing story, pick up a copy of the October issue of Lake Norman Currents Magazine before the end of the month. You can also find the e-version online.

Current Magazine Pet IssueAnd here are some of my favorites of Derrick and Eleanor...LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

5 Tips for Better Pet Pictures

I was recently asked to do a live segment on the Charlotte Today show to share some tips and tricks for taking better pictures of your pet. I was super excited because it is so important to have great images of your pet even if hiring a professional isn't in the budget. If this is something that interests you, check out the segment for more info...

First of all, I want to thank Charlotte Today for having me on the show. I did a pre-taped segment last year (the one they used to introduce me) and I was unbelievably nervous (as you could tell by my tied tongue). So of course I was even more nervous to find out I would be on live television!!! What!?! Freak Out! As I walked into the studio, I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest. I thought I might have a heart attack. Then things quickly got better.

The staff at the show were seriously amazing. They were warm and welcoming, so sweet, and more than attentive - even with being short-staffed by 3 people. They made me feel right at home with their help, direction, compliments, and so on and so on. My nerves seemed to melt away! I had to take a minute to myself and take it all in. I'm so grateful that I was allowed to be on the show and I really appreciate everyone (and of course all of the pets) that have helped me get to where I am in my business. It has been a very long and hard road but I keep walking it everyday. Thank you! <3

Now back to business! :)

Just to recap the show, here are the 5 tips that will hopefully help you take better pictures of your pet... :)

1. Use Natural Light/Turn off Your Flash

Natural light is your best friend when it comes to pet photography. Flash can scare your pet or, even worse, give your pup or kitty those freaky glowing eyes. Try placing your pet near a window or go outdoors during the golden hours - the hour right around sunrise or sunset. Golden hour light is nice and low in the sky with a warm, even tone.

2. Get Down on Their Level

Be prepared to get a little dirty. Lol! Try something different and lay down, squat, or sit in front of your pet. It will give a whole new look to the image!

3. Shoot Tight/Middle/Wide

You can get three different shots without needing your pet to move! Sweet! Shoot tight - a headshot - then either move back or widen your lens. Then shoot a mid shot - include the body and some of the background. Then move back or widen your lens again. Now you can include quite a bit of the background for a nice artistic image.

4. Use Treats, Toys, or People to get Your Pup's Attention

Hold a treat or toy right above your lens to get your pet to look right at the camera. You can also hold it out to the side or have someone walk over to where you want your dog's gaze to go. Funny noises work great too! Don't forget to reward your pet if he/she does what you want!

5. Know Your Camera!

Try reading the manual and play around with those weird looking settings. Try using AV, TV, and M modes. AV mode means aperture-priority. Aperture controls the depth-of-field so you can get the eyes in focus while blurring the background. TV mode is shutter-priority mode which is great for controlling action. M is manual which means you control it all! Experiment and see what changing the numbers does!

The Bonus tip is to be patient and have fun!!!! Learning photography can be tough and frustrating but it is sooooo worth it in the end! I hope these tips help!

And many, many thanks again to Charlotte Today for inviting me to the show. You guys rock! I also want to thank my family, friends, and Facebook fans for all of the sweet messages, emails, and texts that I got after the show. You made me feel like I should be on TV! Haha! ;)


Currents Magazine Pet Issue 2012

It's October and that means one important thing to this Lake Norman-based pet photographer... it's time for the annual Lake Norman Currents Magazine Pet Issue!!!! This is my favorite issue (for obvious reasons) but this year's issue is FILLED with more pet goodness than years past! I'll start off with the cover... Maddie was the winner of this year's Cover Dog Contest and she was awarded the honor of gracing the fabulous October cover! She will be seen by thousands of Lake-area residents and may have to go incognito to get around town now. She is such a sweetheart and she was so much fun to photograph. I love how happy she is and it looks like she's coming right out of the cover to come give you kisses!

Here were some other fun images I grabbed of this fun-filled lady...Inside, there are many dog-filled stories including one about a super-awesome Flyball team located right here in the Charlotte-area. Check out page 44 of the magazine to see the pictures and read the story. Find the online version here:

And one of my favorites. This is a lovely story about a Diabetic Service Dog and his bond with his mom. You can find this story on page 22 here or in one of my previous blog postsTo see pictures from the Cover Dog Contest, check out page 16 here. We had a blast and you should see if you made it into the magazine! I spy Little Dog Linus on page 17!!!!

Check out these stories and more in the October Pet Issue. You can find hardcopies at your lake-area Cashions, BP stations, and Harris Teeters. XOXO!