Adele and Jack

Adele and Jack

Aaaaaaah. Spring time. Seriously my favorite time of the year. I love how everything comes to life, the temperatures warm up, I can plant flowers, and sit on my front porch again. 

Here in the South, the beginning of Spring is marked by cherry, pear, and peach blossoms. When those first purple, white, and pink blossoms appear, a perma-smile enters my face. :)

Spring also means the beginning of the most amazing shooting season. The colors are stunning and the warmer temperatures mean dogs are ready to work off that cabin fever. The kickoff to my Spring season was this oh-so-fun shoot with Adele and Jack.... (click the image above to continue reading)

Toby - Angel Session

Sometimes things aren't all rainbows and sunshine. Things that happen can be unfair and don't make any sense...almost to the point of provoking anger. I really think that's how I would have felt if my dog had the same diagnosis that Toby recently got. There is only at 0.2% chance that it would happen. Unfortunately, Toby was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. As a neutered pup, there is such a small chance of that even happening. How can it even be? The vets were shocked and had to contact other specialist just to confirm and figure out the next steps to take. I would have been so mad.

And I'm sure Toby's mom was/is/will be. That's so personal. However, when I showed up for Toby's Angel Session, there was nothing but love, tears, and smiles. We talked about his cuddly self and checked out puppy pics. Toby won't leave this earth without feeling a lifetime of love - that is a guarantee.

Toby had his prostate drained a couple days before our session. That provided some much needed relief for both him and his mom. Not to mention, he was full of smiles for the session!Without previously knowing about the illness contained within, I wouldn't have any idea he was sick. He was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! We were all so thrilled!!!I love this shot of Toby looking at his mom. That's a connection only a dog and human can have.The grass was wet with dew the morning we met. Instead of allowing us to dry off his wet little legs, Toby decided to use the towel as a nice picnic blanket. :)This final picture pretty much sums up Toby. He's a happy, smiley, sweet and silly man. I wish him nothing but luck in the road ahead. Huge hugs to his furry family. xx!!!!

Kirby and Lucy - Double Trouble

Kirby and Lucy are BFFs and basically grew up together. Related through their 2-legged parents, this pair spends a ton of time together chasing balls and "ruff"housing in Kirby's backyard. Lucy is an adorable little black and white Havanese and Kirby is a rare, totally white Miniature Schnauzer. Together, they are double trouble! ;) Kirby loves to play fetch and is super fast on his feet!Lucy might not fetch the ball but it doesn't stop her from trying to get it from Kirby. They wipe themselves right out by playing this game!Best buddies...Kirby was such a ham for the camera. I didn't mind one bit!Lucy made sure she had her time in the spotlight too! Kirby found something nice and stinky to roll in...Lucy and Kirby (and their super awesome family) trekked across a field so we could get some pretty shots with the evening sun. I'd say it was worth the journey! Back home, Kirby was exhausted and wasn't afraid to let me know. Lol!Thanks for such a fun session and I can't wait for your family to see the other shots!

Sir Buck - Dog Portraits

Sir Buck, or just Buck for short. I really don't know if I can put into words just how sweet this man is. At 9 years old, I think the white heart on his face describes it all. This is seriously one (if not THE) most kind dogs I have photographed. His mom described his hobbies as getting "attention of any kind from any of us" and his tricks as "being sweet all the time". She nailed it! When I arrived at Buck's house, he immediately ran up to me and asked for a good scratching and then rolled on his back for a belly rub. Throughout our shoot, he refused to leave anyone's side. He was either right next to me, his mom, or his brother. It totally pulled at my heart strings. His whole mission through the day is to get lovin' from anyone that will give it to him. If people would learn more from dogs, this world would be so much more amazing.

Buck's human brother is only 2 years older than him so they have basically grown up together. It was important to Buck's family to get some great shots of the two of them together.I love Golden tails in golden light...After hanging out in the back yard, we made our way inside where Buck got even more lovin' with a great tummy scratching.We also got a couple shots of Buck's "annoying" little brother, Rico. Another cutie...

Thank you, Buck, for such a lovely session. You are the definition of a doggy companion and your family is lucky to have you.