Miniature Schnauzer


I just love it when a dog full of personality and spunk comes into the studio! Meet my latest playful pal, Charlie. I have to start this post with one of my favorite images...a profile shot of his amazing beard... Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerCharlie needed a little time to warm up to the flashes, but he quickly realized he could get treats for his good modeling skills. :)Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerDog Portraits in StudioHis adorable head tilt...Miniature Schnauzer in studioAfter some serious shots, it was time to pull out his favorite toys! This one is named Beethoven. It's way bigger than Charlie but he still manages to fling it around like it weighs nothing!Charlotte NC Pet PhotographyHis other favorite toy is his hedgehog...Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyThis one is a little more nimble. Haha!North Carolina Pet PortraitsAnd then there is the random shoe sitting around. Charlie took full advantage of the no-shoes-on-the-backdrop rule.Studio Pet PicturesMan, he is one handsome fellow!Fun dogs in studioSometimes Charlie loves on his toys too. Best buds...Modern Images for Posh Pets I can't wait to see all of Charlie's artwork come in! He's going to have his own special wall above the couch, but's a gift for his dad. :)

Kirby and Lucy - Double Trouble

Kirby and Lucy are BFFs and basically grew up together. Related through their 2-legged parents, this pair spends a ton of time together chasing balls and "ruff"housing in Kirby's backyard. Lucy is an adorable little black and white Havanese and Kirby is a rare, totally white Miniature Schnauzer. Together, they are double trouble! ;) Kirby loves to play fetch and is super fast on his feet!Lucy might not fetch the ball but it doesn't stop her from trying to get it from Kirby. They wipe themselves right out by playing this game!Best buddies...Kirby was such a ham for the camera. I didn't mind one bit!Lucy made sure she had her time in the spotlight too! Kirby found something nice and stinky to roll in...Lucy and Kirby (and their super awesome family) trekked across a field so we could get some pretty shots with the evening sun. I'd say it was worth the journey! Back home, Kirby was exhausted and wasn't afraid to let me know. Lol!Thanks for such a fun session and I can't wait for your family to see the other shots!