Sir Buck - Dog Portraits

Sir Buck, or just Buck for short. I really don't know if I can put into words just how sweet this man is. At 9 years old, I think the white heart on his face describes it all. This is seriously one (if not THE) most kind dogs I have photographed. His mom described his hobbies as getting "attention of any kind from any of us" and his tricks as "being sweet all the time". She nailed it! When I arrived at Buck's house, he immediately ran up to me and asked for a good scratching and then rolled on his back for a belly rub. Throughout our shoot, he refused to leave anyone's side. He was either right next to me, his mom, or his brother. It totally pulled at my heart strings. His whole mission through the day is to get lovin' from anyone that will give it to him. If people would learn more from dogs, this world would be so much more amazing.

Buck's human brother is only 2 years older than him so they have basically grown up together. It was important to Buck's family to get some great shots of the two of them together.I love Golden tails in golden light...After hanging out in the back yard, we made our way inside where Buck got even more lovin' with a great tummy scratching.We also got a couple shots of Buck's "annoying" little brother, Rico. Another cutie...

Thank you, Buck, for such a lovely session. You are the definition of a doggy companion and your family is lucky to have you.