Toby - Angel Session

Sometimes things aren't all rainbows and sunshine. Things that happen can be unfair and don't make any sense...almost to the point of provoking anger. I really think that's how I would have felt if my dog had the same diagnosis that Toby recently got. There is only at 0.2% chance that it would happen. Unfortunately, Toby was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. As a neutered pup, there is such a small chance of that even happening. How can it even be? The vets were shocked and had to contact other specialist just to confirm and figure out the next steps to take. I would have been so mad.

And I'm sure Toby's mom was/is/will be. That's so personal. However, when I showed up for Toby's Angel Session, there was nothing but love, tears, and smiles. We talked about his cuddly self and checked out puppy pics. Toby won't leave this earth without feeling a lifetime of love - that is a guarantee.

Toby had his prostate drained a couple days before our session. That provided some much needed relief for both him and his mom. Not to mention, he was full of smiles for the session!Without previously knowing about the illness contained within, I wouldn't have any idea he was sick. He was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! We were all so thrilled!!!I love this shot of Toby looking at his mom. That's a connection only a dog and human can have.The grass was wet with dew the morning we met. Instead of allowing us to dry off his wet little legs, Toby decided to use the towel as a nice picnic blanket. :)This final picture pretty much sums up Toby. He's a happy, smiley, sweet and silly man. I wish him nothing but luck in the road ahead. Huge hugs to his furry family. xx!!!!