Ruthie - Charlotte, NC

Ruthie - Charlotte, NC

Serious question here. Have you ever seen a Frenchie you didn’t want to kiss all over and grab their cheeks grandma style?!? I honestly don’t think I ever, ever have!! And little Miss Ruthie here was certainly no exception!

This cutie patootie was all smiles as we hung out in her backyard. She…

Stewie - Charlotte, NC

Stewie - Charlotte, NC

Who dis big-eyed, smily-faced, squishy love bug?!? This is Stewie, a rescue Frenchie from overseas. Although he has an exotic sounding background, things weren’t always hunky dory for him. Thankfully he was scooped up by his amazing mom and is now living his best life…

Ernie, Rookie and Lola

Ernie, Rookie and Lola

You guys!!!! I don't even know if I can handle everything that happened during my Charleston/Folly Beach sessions. Seriously. It was magic every. single. day. The last day with this crew was no exception.

These three are no stranger to my camera. In fact, they have be "tortured" by me several times (according to Rookie) for the artwork that is hanging in their moms' clinic - Brawley Animal Hospital. They've been wanting to do a beach session... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Adele and Jack

Adele and Jack

Aaaaaaah. Spring time. Seriously my favorite time of the year. I love how everything comes to life, the temperatures warm up, I can plant flowers, and sit on my front porch again. 

Here in the South, the beginning of Spring is marked by cherry, pear, and peach blossoms. When those first purple, white, and pink blossoms appear, a perma-smile enters my face. :)

Spring also means the beginning of the most amazing shooting season. The colors are stunning and the warmer temperatures mean dogs are ready to work off that cabin fever. The kickoff to my Spring season was this oh-so-fun shoot with Adele and Jack.... (click the image above to continue reading)

Gertie (again!)

Some of you may recognize Miss Gertie from her super-adorable studio session a couple months ago. Her mom just knew she also wanted to capture her silly lady on-location at her home. We waited until the weather warmed up so we could get Gertie swimming in the pool...her new favorite hobby! After dodging some rain showers, the clouds parted and we had a nice, humid evening poolside. Gertie was excited to see me again (really, she's just excited to see anyone that will play ball with her) and put on her best show. We started off checking out around the backyard before cooling off in the water. :) Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerCharlotte area pet photographerGoofy girl!Outdoor Pet PortraitsHow do I keep Gertie's attention? Pull out a squeaky ball. She's all mine!Charlotte NC Pet PhotographyCharlotte NC Dog PhotographyUh oh! The ball went in the pool! Better put on the lifejacket just to be on the safe side. Gertie won't go in the pool unless... Frenchie Playing in Pool...she has the safety of her pool float to land on first. French Bulldog PortraitsThen there's no stopping her!Modern Images for Posh PetsPet Portrait PhotographerUS Pet PhotographerFrenchie swimming portraitAgain, her special float (and a super cute give-me-the-ball face)... :) North Carolina Animal PhotographerI love this little munchkin! (PS - Her mom is the fabulous designer and owner of Olive Yew, a fantastic jewelry shop. You must check it out!)Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerAnd my favorite outtake! Gertie doesn't appreciate getting splashed. Hahaha!Fun Pet Photography North CarolinaThanks, ladies, for such a fun shoot! So glad we got to de-mosquito and de-stink in the pool! :)

Gertie - Studio Session

Who doesn't love a Frenchie? Seriously. If you are one of the few that don't, perhaps Gertie here will help change your mind. Gertie is just a pup...9 months old to be exact. And trust me, she had the energy to prove her puppiness (yeah, I made up a word). She had me on my toes! She was here and there and everywhere and I loved every minute of it! Check out this pretty Blue Fawn Pied funny face during her studio session...

Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyThis face is too much...Frenchie Portrait on Seamless BackgroundNow when I say that Gertie loves balls. I mean LOVES balls - any size, color, texture, whatever!! Here are some examples to prove my point:

Number 1: The Jolly Ball

French Bulldog playing in-studioNorth Carolina Pet photographerFrenchie playing with Jolly BallNorth Carolina Dog photographerNumber 2: Red Bouncy BallModern Studio Pet PortraitsCharlotte NC Pet PhotographerNumber 3 (and to show you that size and color don't matter): BasketballModern Studio Dog PortraitsContemporary Studio Dog PortraitsI may have given you the impression that Gertie doesn't have a serious side. However, she does. See? Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerStudio Pet PhotographyCharlotte NC Pet PhotographyAnd one last goofy one for kicks... Fun modern studio Pet photographyIf you love Gertie, let me know! She's going to have an on-location session in June and we're going swimming!!! Yippee!!!

Hogan and Lola

Over the past couple weeks, I've been posting some super fun sessions done for the vets at Brawley Animal Hospital. Well, when one of the vets adopted a new pup just after our original session, we had no choice but to get pictures of her to hang in the office along with the other pets! And wouldn't you know, along with the new Frenchie pup, Lola, we also got to photograph one of the vet's cats, Hogan. Yep, that's right, Hogan came out on-location with us! Certainly a first and probably an only! :)

I introduce you to Mr. Hogan...

As you can see, Hogan is a cute little tripod. He came to the vet school with severe nerve damage to his leg after a possible run in with a car. He was basically dragging the leg along. :( When they figured out it wasn't fixable, his mom decided to amputate it and keep him for herself. The rest is history and he is now one happy camper!It was so cute to see Hogan hanging out at a brand new location. He was astonishingly good! He tried to hop away a couple times to check out the nearby barn but, for the most part, he just hung out and posed for the camera!What a seriously gorgeous face! I swear he's smiling here...Oh, and the classic cat nap. However, Hogan was certainly still very aware of the people hanging out in the parking lot (no doubt very curious about the cat being photographed in the field) and the mountain bikers going by.After we photographed Hogan, we got to spend some time with the new Frenchie of the family, Lola. Lola was rescued from a breeder after suffering a prolapsed uterus. At 2 years of age, there's no telling how many puppies she's had and she is very small and skinny. However, she is FULL of personality and was a giggle maker! She is going to be a well-balanced healthy girl in no time at all!

This is Lola's Gremlin face...She soooooo tried to smile for the camera! The funniest part of her session? She wasn't interested in squeakies, balls, or dog toys. Nope! But pull out a cat toy and she's all over it! We used Hogan's goodies the entire time we worked with Lola. Silly girl!

I can't wait to share the final artwork with you all!!! :)


Could Rookie get any cuter??!!??!! This little Frenchie/Boston mix is a show-stopper. His big smile and bouncy body are more than enough to keep you laughing! In fact, I was cracking up the whole time this camera ham posed for me. I think ol' Rookie is going to have some fans! ;)

Rookie's mom is a vet at the Brawley Animal Hospital in Mooresville, NC. The doctors wanted to have some new art to hang on their office walls so why not have some of their own pups? Rookie is one of 4 adorable 4-leggers that we photographed this evening!Rookie's "crack" is his tennis ball. I think we got some great action shots from it!Oh happy boy!I hope you enjoyed Rookie's sneak peek! Stay tuned to see pics from his furry friends!!!