Dexi and Oreo

Dexi and Oreo are the cutest pair of Goldendoodles you might ever meet. Dexi is the light-colored lady and completes the "cream" for her sister, Oreo. These buddies love to play together and generally just enjoy each other's company. I adore the sisterly love they share! Dexi tends to be a little more laid back and calm, while Oreo is a non-stop action machine! We started their session at their home so we could hang out around the yard and front porch. We even got some play time in! I love this first shot because they are completely opposite each other - their color, the paw, and their personalities. Love!!!

This family shot cracks me up! Oreo is so goofy and totally wants to be the center of attention. :)After we hung out at the house for a bit, it was time to move on to one of the pups new favorite locations - the creek! The first day we went, we lost our light immediately and had to reschedule. After days of rain, the creek was a little more swollen but it made for some fun (and wet) pictures. We had a blast!!!Dexi was a little afraid of the water and took her time getting acclimated. She watched her sister from the shoreline before deciding to make her move...Oreo didn't think twice about diving in...especially if you had a toy to throw her!I love these two happy faces!!!Sisters fighting over the ball...And of course Oreo won! :)This is Oreo's rock pose......and Dexi's rock pose. She even threw me the over-the-shoulder glance! I hope to do more sessions at the creek like this! It was so much fun and the dogs were DONE afterward! :) I personally was a, a lot...wet. Totally worth it!!!