OMG! This little fluffernut! I about died when I met Daisy. I was almost certain she wasn't real...like a stuffed animal you could buy from the "super adorable" section of the toy store. And then she moved. And I squealed! Then she took...

Millie and Marlowe

Oh My Dog! Oh My Dog! Oh My Dog! That's what kept running through my head during Millie and Marlowe's session...and while I was culling their images...and editing...and designing their album...and on and on and on. Seriously. These two Goldendoodle puppies gave me a perma-grin that I just can't shake. I don't think anyone can handle all of their cuteness. So I'm putting it to the test with this blog post.

We spent a lovely evening in Millie and Marlowe's backyard where these two got to go all out wild! They were wrestling, chasing the ball, and plain ol' acting goofy. I mean, what else would puppies do? I introduce Millie (on the right) and Marlowe (on the left)...

Charlotte NC Pet PhotographyMarlowe is the youngest of the two at just 5 months. I think he's part kangaroo because he's a hopping machine!Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerGoldendoodle Puppy with BallCharlotte NC Goldendoodle PortraitAghhhhhhh! I told you the cuteness would be too much!!!!Goldendoodle Puppy PortraitsGoldendoodle Puppy PhotographerModern Images for Posh PetsMillie is the older sister (actually half-sister) and comes in at 11 months old. She's been through some training and was happy to show off her new "sit" command as well as her don't-ignore-me face!Contemporary Animal PortraitsNorth Carolina Pet Portrait PhotographerCharlotte NC Puppy PhotographerFun Dog PhotographyCute Pet Photos

The whole time I was at their house, Millie and Marlowe never chilled out next to each other. We kinda made this moment happen but only after the craziness you're about to see...Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerThis is more like the puppy-play I witnessed when they were together. Haha! They were full-throttle!!!Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerCharlotte NC Animal photographerDoodle puppies playing portrait

What a wonderful and fun time! Their album looks amazing and I'm even ordering a print from this session for one of my new framed print samples. Love, love, love!!!

So, I wanna know...could you handle the cuteness???

Darla - Available For Adoption

Puppy alert!!! I've been dying to photograph a puppy for the longest time! Unfortunately, so many people skip getting professional pictures taken of their new furry family members at this stage in life. It's too bad because, as we all know, puppies are adorable and they grow up so fast! So if you are reading this and are considering adopting a puppy (or currently have one), please consider getting puppy pics done! I promise you will LOVE looking back at them!

The weather this past weekend was beyond amazing and I wanted to take advantage of it. This past weekend was also my last free weekend before the rush of Spring sessions so I wanted to do some personal shooting while I had a chance. I decided to contact a local rescue, Catering to Cats & Dogs, to see if they had an adoptable puppy that I could possibly steal for an impromptu photo shoot. Thankfully, they allowed me to photograph Darla.

Darla is a sweet 11-week-old Pit Bull that was taken in by the rescue after being found for sale in the back of a truck in a Wal-Mart parking lot. She is a typically girl that loves flowers (you will see that later) and anything that she can pick up in her mouth. It was hard for me not to take her home after our session. Fortunately, my husband was by my side and kept me focused. :P

Darla is ready to be taken home with you...

She kinda had a thing for this plant...And the ball...And this rock...

:) If you are interested in Darla, please contact Catering to Cats & Dogs.

Rio - Greenville, SC

Saturday evening, I met with Rio and her new mom! Rio is an adorable Boxer-mix puppy that was recently rescued from the pound in Greenville, SC. Because, up until now, Rio has only seen the worst of Greenville (from behind cage bars), we decided to head out and show her what this awesome city is about! Greenville, SC has the quintessential Southern downtown but with a modern twist. Its a cool, hip area centered around Reedy River Park and is filled with restaurants, bars, shops, and condos almost all converted from old buildings. This downtown is seriously alive! Actually, there were so many people on the streets Saturday night that we had to abandon our original idea of shooting along Main Street. However, we stuck to the outskirts of downtown and still got some great shots that spoke to us about the session's theme...old, new and rebirth.

Theme, you ask? Absolutely! I usually always try to have a theme in the back of my head during a shoot. I just took this one a little further and made it a little more literal. Old - the life at the pound that Rio once had (represented by the old buildings and brick). New - the new life in front of her with her new mom (the new buildings). Rebirth - the actual mental and emotional shift Rio went through after being adopted (the bridge and greenery). Is it cheesy? Maybe. Does it work? Heck yeah! I don't know about you, but I can definitely see the newfound hope and happiness in little Rio's eyes!

undefinedundefinedundefinedRio thoroughly enjoyed rolling around in the nice, cool grass. She looks super uncomfortable in this frame but I think she's in heaven!undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedI seriously can't take this much cuteness!undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

My New Mascot!

Those of you that follow me on Facebook know that I was really hoping to do a photo shoot in Uptown Charlotte today. Well, that didn't quite work out because... I got a puppy today!!!!!!

Meet the newest mascot of McGraw Photography, Sadie (her name for now). We rescued her from the Lincoln County Animal Shelter and she is the smartest and sweetest dog ever! Plus, she is in LOVE with Eva. I can't wait to have a real photo shoot with her! Here are a couple shots I grabbed of her in our backyard earlier this evening. You will be seeing SO much more of her very soon along with her full story. Love...