Boston Terrier

Ernie, Rookie and Lola

Ernie, Rookie and Lola

You guys!!!! I don't even know if I can handle everything that happened during my Charleston/Folly Beach sessions. Seriously. It was magic every. single. day. The last day with this crew was no exception.

These three are no stranger to my camera. In fact, they have be "tortured" by me several times (according to Rookie) for the artwork that is hanging in their moms' clinic - Brawley Animal Hospital. They've been wanting to do a beach session... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Banner and Dexter

I am so, so, so excited to share this sneak peek with everyone! I am so in love with these pups and these images sum them up to a tee! Plus, I got to play around with my rented 16-35mm lens (LOVE!) for a bit! Banner (the handsome black boy) and Dexter (the Boston Terrier) are the most adorable pair! Dexter is the typical goofy and happy Boston while Banner, who is a little nervous outside the home and with strangers, is a real cuddle bug. We had a gorgeous evening to shoot with and we enjoyed it in their big backyard.

I really can't write too much more because I want to share their sneak peek!!!!

Curious Boston head tilt? Yes, please!!!Handsome floppy-eared pup with tennis ball? Yes, please!!!!!Banner and Dexter's parents just finished designing a cute little area in the backyard complete with doggy beds, a hammock, Adirondack chairs, and a picnic table. It's the perfect hangout for the pups and they loved showing it off!Dexter's all-time favorite toy is his stuffed frog. It's been by his side since he was brought home and he doesn't go too far without it.Banner's all like, "What's this crazy dog doing?"Banner's mom was a little worried that he wouldn't cooperate for the session. He was a little timid at first but he adjusted quickly after downing some treats and watching his brother work it for the camera.Of course Banner and Dexter had to pose with the 'rents...This might be one of my favorites from the session. Banner is such a gentle soul and it was so exciting to watch him warm up to me and the camera during the session. By the end, he was letting me get super close up! I like to imagine that he's talking to me here. I know what I would say back...I wuv you (in baby talk, of course)!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek of these fun fellows! I'll have a smile on my face the whole time I edit the rest! :)


Could Rookie get any cuter??!!??!! This little Frenchie/Boston mix is a show-stopper. His big smile and bouncy body are more than enough to keep you laughing! In fact, I was cracking up the whole time this camera ham posed for me. I think ol' Rookie is going to have some fans! ;)

Rookie's mom is a vet at the Brawley Animal Hospital in Mooresville, NC. The doctors wanted to have some new art to hang on their office walls so why not have some of their own pups? Rookie is one of 4 adorable 4-leggers that we photographed this evening!Rookie's "crack" is his tennis ball. I think we got some great action shots from it!Oh happy boy!I hope you enjoyed Rookie's sneak peek! Stay tuned to see pics from his furry friends!!!

Charlotte Today with Fez & Lucy

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the awesome people at Charlotte Today about doing a segment on my photography. At first, I honestly thought it was a joke or someone trying to sell me something (I get spam phone calls all the time from "news" websites) but they were for real! I was super excited but totally nervous at the same time. I am NOT one to be in front of the camera - especially talking about myself! Fortunately I got to bring along a couple of my favorite doggy models to work it for the cameraman. You may remember Fez and Lucy from their session here. We had a great time and I'm so happy with the way the clip turned out. (Well, besides my nervous stuttering and fidgeting. Haha!) In fact, I was so nervous, I was just shooting away and not really paying attention to my camera settings. Fortunately, I got a couple cute shots from our afternoon together.

And here is the segment!


A huge thanks goes out to the Charlotte Today crew, Fez & Lucy, and Fez & Lucy's Mom and Dad (who was in a wreck right before he met with us)! You all made my year! :)

Fez and Lucy - Puppies!

It's never easy to lose your pet. Especially when it's unexpected and way, way too early. Sometimes the hole left in your heart is so big, it takes two pets to refill it. Earlier this year, my clients unexpectedly lost their dog at the young age of 7. When they were ready to hear the pitter-patter of little feet again they thought, "how about 8 feet instead of 4"? This is how Fez and Lucy entered their lives. Not wanting to forget a moment of these little guys' puppyhood, my clients decided to have them professionally photographed at the ripe age of 3 months.

Fez (the brindle Boston Terrier) and Lucy (the black-and-white Boston Terrier) brought the cuteness and had me smiling the whole photo shoot (well, between the awwwwwws)! I hope you enjoy their sneak peek!

Puppy cuteness!!!!!Lucy was OBSESSED with the tall grass. It was ADORABLE! Her goal was to catch every piece in her mouth...and she was pretty good at it!Of course there's some sibling rivalry. In a whole field of sticks, the best one is the one your sibling has!Oh, Fez...Lucy may have been obsessed over tall grass, but Fez was obsessed over sticks. And I mean sticks that were WAY to big for him!This little family is just too cute together...Fez and Lucy, I look forward to watching you grow up. Keep putting smiles on your mommy's and daddy's faces! 

Dolce and Louis - Happy B-day!

Ok. So I'm a bad doggy mom. I get my dogs a toy for their birthdays. That doesn't sound too bad does it? Well wait til you see how Dolce and Louis celebrated their first birthdays. With names like that, you know they had to do it up in style. I really have to step it up next year! :)

Dolce (the black poodle) and Louis (the grey poodle) celebrated their big 1 at Dogwood Kennel and Cattery in Catawba, NC. They were the talk of party in their oh-so-fancy attire...

The party got started right with a frisbee demonstration and flyball game by the great people at Jump 4 Discs.After all that hard work and playing, it was time to refuel with a little snack!Don't worry the people had refreshments too. I loved the dog-themed drink selection...Dolce and Louis had quite the spread. The centerpiece was a yummy (judging by the dogs' reactions) cake from Three Dog Bakery in Asheville.Dolce and Louis wasted no time digging into the yummy goodness.They even shared with their furry friends!I don't think Finn thinks they shared enough. Lol!Do I have anything on my face?Dolce and Louis got the HOOK UP with the presents! Thats the way to celebrate your first birthday!One of the favorite gifts was a pair of matching sailer shirts from their neighbor and best-dog-friend, Finn. These are just for those special occasions when they hang out on their peoples' boat. And of course Dolce and Louis had to show them off for a few minutes!Dolce and Louis pass on many thanks to the furry guests that attended. Doesn't every event have one that parties just a little too hard?Louis and his mom watch the doggy madness around them :)I did get to sneak away with the birthday boys for a few minutes to get a couple portraits.Happy, happy birthday, Dolce and Louis! I can't wait to watch you grow up!