Ernie, Rookie and Lola

You guys!!!! I don't even know if I can handle everything that happened during my Charleston/Folly Beach sessions. Seriously. It was magic every. single. day. The last day with this crew was no exception.

These three are no stranger to my camera. In fact, they have be "tortured" by me several times (according to Rookie) for the artwork that is hanging in their moms' clinic - Brawley Animal Hospital. They've been wanting to do a beach session for a while so, thankfully, everything aligned this go-round and they were able to make the trek to Folly for a gorgeous evening!

So a little back story on this squad...

Ernie (the Shepherd mix) is starting to get up there in age - even though you would seriously not be able to tell by looking at him. His mom has always wanted him to run free on the beach and have special images to remember it by. I have to say, it was pretty cool seeing him light up and totally let loose on the beach! He chased his friends, Rookie and Lola, all over while prancing, barking and all out having fun. He didn't last quite as long as his friends but it was touching to see. Very, very special.

On the other hand, Rookie and Lola (the Frenchie and Frenchie/Boston mix) are used to going a little crazy! If there is a ball involved, they are good to go! Lola was a little more hesitant of the water but Rookie jumped right in like a champ!

It was so nice to hang with these pups down at the beach. I know this is a trip I'll cherish for a very long time.