Fez and Lucy - Puppies!

It's never easy to lose your pet. Especially when it's unexpected and way, way too early. Sometimes the hole left in your heart is so big, it takes two pets to refill it. Earlier this year, my clients unexpectedly lost their dog at the young age of 7. When they were ready to hear the pitter-patter of little feet again they thought, "how about 8 feet instead of 4"? This is how Fez and Lucy entered their lives. Not wanting to forget a moment of these little guys' puppyhood, my clients decided to have them professionally photographed at the ripe age of 3 months.

Fez (the brindle Boston Terrier) and Lucy (the black-and-white Boston Terrier) brought the cuteness and had me smiling the whole photo shoot (well, between the awwwwwws)! I hope you enjoy their sneak peek!

Puppy cuteness!!!!!Lucy was OBSESSED with the tall grass. It was ADORABLE! Her goal was to catch every piece in her mouth...and she was pretty good at it!Of course there's some sibling rivalry. In a whole field of sticks, the best one is the one your sibling has!Oh, Fez...Lucy may have been obsessed over tall grass, but Fez was obsessed over sticks. And I mean sticks that were WAY to big for him!This little family is just too cute together...Fez and Lucy, I look forward to watching you grow up. Keep putting smiles on your mommy's and daddy's faces!