Fisher Farm



Time for another surprise session!

This time I had the honor to work with the absolute gorgeous and amazing Gunner for some Christmas gifts and artwork for my client's fabulous new home. I was pretty blown away as soon as I laid eyes on this seriously stunning boy. His white fur was so...(click on the image above to continue reading)



Back on a beautiful day in October, I met one of the sweetest and gorgeous black Labs ever! This smiley handsome guy is Rip. Rip is a repeat client's boyfriend's dog and we had this secret special session as a surprise for his birthday. We got sooooo lucky and hit the weather right before our 5 or 6 weeks straight of rain and right when the leaves started to turn.

I know it took a ton of control for Rip's mom to keep this a secret...but she totally...(click on the image above to continue reading)



Brrr! Brrrr! Brrrrrr!!!

Gosh...this ice and below-freezing temperature crap has seriously GOT to go. 

Wilbur's session took place a couple weeks ago and, while there was no ice, there was a ton of frigid wind swirling around us. That didn't stop Wilbur from having a grand ol' time! He was smiling and literally bouncing around. At about 16 years old...(click the image above to keep reading)

Mackenzie, Rouge and Scrappy

Mackenzie, Rouge and Scrappy made the trip all the way from Raleigh, NC for their session last month. After dodging rain storms, we were able to pull off their session in what was probably the most humid evening on record. Ha! We explored a big chunk of Fisher Farm where we found some amazing wildflowers, awesome smells, and big land to run through. We were a sweaty mess by the end! This session was scheduled because Mackenzie, the brown and black German Shepherd, is getting a little older and her mom wanted to capture her in all of her beautiful goodness. She brought her sister, Rouge, along as well. She's the black German Shepherd with the name to match her personality. Lol! I love it!

German Shepherd PortraitsThey also brought along their little brother, Scrappy. Now this little guy is a crack up and oh-so-small! He was lost in the tall grasses and got so wet during the shoot. This little firecracker loved every second of it though!US Pet PhotographerThe shot on the right just about sums this pack up. Mackenzie is so regal, Rouge is a goofball, and Scrappy is a little silly...Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerHere they look like little angels though. ;)Dog Portrait PhotographerCharlotte NC Pet PhotographyMackenzie and Rouge loved playing ball in the wide open fields!Davidson NC Pet PhotographyNorth Carolina Dog PortraitsI can't get over this face! I love little Scrappy! His mom sings to him..."Because I'm Scrappy, Scrappy..." to the tune of Pharrell Williams' "Because I'm Happy." Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerDavidson NC Dog PhotographerExploring...Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerModern Images for Posh PetsI love this shot of the gorgeous Mackenzie...Dog Photographer of the CarolinasScrappy was so tired by the end of the shoot. He needed some lovin' from his mom... :)Davidson NC Pet PhotographerThank you for such a fun but hot and sweaty shoot! ;) I'm so glad we avoided the rain and were able to squeeze this in! xx!


Dashiell is only the second Wirehaired Dachshund I've ever had the honor of photographing. And, I must say, he was beyond amazing to work with. This one-year-old boy was very well-trained and would do anything for a treat. Not to mention he's about as adorable as they come! His little beard and fluffy back-mohawk made me a little weak in the knees. I got to meet Dashiell on the beautiful evening on Mother's Day. We started out shooting at his house but quickly moved on to the always lovely Fisher Farm. I was blown away when we got there! The sun was sparkling, the grass was tall and flowing, and the purple flowers were dancing in the breeze. We were in heaven!

I have to start this sneak peek with the images from Fisher Farm because Dashiell took my breath away standing in all of that gorgeousness...

Charlotte NC Pet PhotographyI could photograph this every day. And Dashiell just made it that much more special!Wire-Haired DoxieModern Pet PhotographerThis is one of my favorite shots of the evening. He bounced through the grass like a bunny and it was to die for!Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerDavidson NC Dog PortraitsNorth Carolina Animal PhotographerCharlotte NC Dog PhotographyBack at Dashiell's house, we explored his backyard and he worked his magic...Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerHis "Bang! Bang!"...Dog Portraits in Charlotte NCFun Modern Dog PhotosAnd one last cute one (his human brother and sister's favorite)...Contemporary Dog Portraits

Thank you, Dashiell, for such a wonderful session. I hope your mom enjoyed her Mother's Day present!!!


I swear I have some of the cutest doggie clients ever. Period. Cooper is absolutely no exception. He seriously looks like a little stuffed animal! He had me squealing the whole session - and I'm not lying about that! Cooper is an 8-year-old Poodle-mix that has the most adorable little fuzzy body ever! He had a blast exploring Fisher Farm and he hopped like a bunny rabbit as he checked out every corner of the park. I really don't know what else to say about him other that "Eeeeeeeeekkkkkk!" Meet Mr. Cooper... North Carolina Pet PortraitsI told you, right?!?! Now check out those ears!Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerAnd his bunny hop as he ran around!North Carolina Dog PortraitsNorth Carolina Dog PortraitsSo are you squealing yet? If not, does this work?!?Charlotte NC Pet PhotographyCharlotte NC Dog PhotographyNorth Carolina Dog PhotographerI know this isn't a picture that's going to be big on the wall but I had to document this interesting moment. Cooper suddenly stopped and tried to bury his head in the grass. Not sure if he was planking? or doing an ostrich impression? North Carolina Pet PhotographerBust out some treats and he gets focused again!Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerHis mom better hold him tight! There's already a list of people that told me they want me to steal him for them!Modern Images For Posh PetsContemporary Dog PortraitsModern Pet PhotographyOne of Cooper's mom's favorite looks is when he holds just one ear up. Um, yeah. That's not cute or anything. ;)Poodle-mix portraitsThis picture embodies the joy I feel when I look at Cooper's sweet face. It makes me smile! :)Davidson NC Pet Photos

I hope you enjoyed Cooper's sneak peek as much as I *clearly* did! :) So, do you want to steal him too?

Seamus and Wallace

I'm one lucky gal! Seamus and Wallace's session marks the second time I've had the honor of photographing two Westies together. This time, they came all the way from Myrtle Beach for their session! Seamus and Wallace are a brother/sister duo with tons of personality! The moment they stepped out of the car, I knew they would be an amazing pair to photograph (especially with their super cute Westie collars on). Seamus, the brother, has human-like eyes and totally didn't want to move away from the camera lens. Wallace, the sister, was way more interested in exploring. However, after their trip, they were ready to run free and stretch their legs...

Pet Photographer in Charlotte areaWallace's squinty eyes make her look as if she's smiling!!!Pet Photographer in Charlotte NCAnd Seamus was just a ham! :) Modern Pet PhotographySee!!!Pet Photography in Charlotte NCWestie ImagesCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerBoth Seamus and Wallace's tails are a little longer than most Westies. I think it's cute and makes them unique. I also love how Wallace's left ear flops when she runs!Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyTheir parents are rockstars for making such a long trip! We're hoping to schedule a beach session next time I'm in Emerald Isle! How fun would that be?!?!North Carolina Pet PhotographerNorth Carolina Dog PhotographerCharlotte NC Pet PhotographySeamus leads the pack while Wallace tries to keep up! I love that their parents are just laughing away in the background!Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerWestie photographyDavidson NC Pet PhotographyModern Images of Posh PetsToward the end of the session, Wallace did what she does best - finds something dead to roll in. She probably had the car stinkin' during the trip home!!Pet Photographer in Charlotte NCAnd one last image - a bobblehead of Seamus. 'Cause that's just how cute he is!!! :) Westie Photographer

Many thanks to Seamus and Wallace's parents for such a great session! I hope to see more of this amazing Westie duo at the beach!


Last but not least, we have Bean!!! She is the last pup I photographed for the vets at Brawley Animal Hospital. :) Bean, like most Dachshunds, had her own idea of how the session should be run. Haha! Once we figured out this cutie was more comfortable around the vets, I just had them run with each other, stand by each other, and work-it together. It worked out perfectly and Bean has some great shots to show off!

I love her girly ears in her running shots...

Totally comfortable with her momma!Bean's vet friend ran with her just off-camera. She was a trooper and, at one point, even lost her shoe in the freshly cut grass!This was Bean's little nest in the uncut grass. The guy that was cutting the grass as we were shooting thought she was going rabbit hunting. Haha!And finally all four of the 4-leggers! What a group!!!

I can't wait to see Bean, Rookie, Frank, and Ernie's faces up on the walls of their clinic. I hope they bring tons of smiles to their clients' and patients' faces!