Rat Terrier

Ansel, Izzy, and Zeke

This post is quite bittersweet. This trio's eldest brother, Ansel, was diagnosed with cancer and was only given a few months to live. At 10 years old, for a Dane, Ansel had already had a long and fulfilling life. Rescued and adopted from Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love, Ansel spent the better years of his life in a loving family and even had the opportunity to see his 2-legged human brother born. Unfortunately, Ansel gained his angel wings on Sunday - just days after our session. I don't want this post to be all sad and bring you down (even though it's making me tear up). Instead I want to honor Ansel and his sweet family.

Ansel's family loves Uptown Charlotte so, even though we had our hands full, we went for it! Three people, three dogs, and a baby - haha! We were struggling! Luckily, some friends showed up to lend a helping hand and we were able to capture some fabulous images of Ansel and his sister, Izzy, and brother, Zeke.

This is by far my favorite image of Ansel...

Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerAnd Izzy (on the left) and Zeke (on the right)...Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyZeke is an Italian Greyhound who was very interested in the other dogs walking by. However, I quickly discovered that a, "You wanna go on a walk?" or " You wanna go on a car ride?" made him focus right on me!Pet Photographer in Charlotte NCIzzy, on the other hand, was only interested in the tennis ball. Yep, she wasn't going anywhere without that thing!Rat Terrier photographerAnd my boy, Ansel... Modern Images for Posh PetsCharlotte NC Pet PortraitsAnsel's dad was especially close to his boy. Because Ansel's tumor was putting pressure on his rectum, he was having to potty quite frequently. Dad was very patient with Ansel and did everything he could to clean up his accidents and to make him comfortable. I just had to sneak this picture in...Great Dane photographerDowntown Charlotte NC Pet PortraitsNorth Carolina Pet PhotographyCharlotte NC Pet PhotographyUptown Charlotte Dog PhotographyNorth Carolina Dog PhotographyLastly, we wanted an image to remember Ansel with his baby brother. And they look off into the landscape together... run free sweet boy... xx...Uptown Charlotte Dog Photographer

Moose, Mugsy & Pepper - Take 3

Moose, Mugsy, and Pepper are becoming regulars at McGraw Photography. I photographed them twice last year so I was happy to spend a couple hours with them again last week for take three! This time, we spent a pretty morning on the beach in Myrtle Beach, SC. Sunrise came nice and early and all three of the pups were ready to head out and get their paws in the sand...

I'll start with Pepper because she only spent a little while with us. She was recently diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and, because of that and her age, she has difficulty walking on the tricky sand.Despite her shaky legs, she managed to explore most of the beach.Pepper is such a cute ol' gal and I love her sweet smile!Now the other two, Moose and Mugsy, were a different story. No...don't let this picture fool you. They were ready to let loose out there!Out on the beach, they started with wrestling and playing...and then running, running, and more running...Moose is so fast that his rear goes faster than his front!Every once in a while, Mugsy would stop and look up for a second. Those moments were few and far between. ;)I caught Moose's attention briefly with a treat.And then it was time to stalk the birds...More treats anyone?I'm so glad these pups' mom has a sense of humor! I think she is starting a tradition of featuring a goofy picture of her dog on each year's Christmas card. I think she has a few to choose from this time! ;) Haha!

LKN Currents Pet Issue

October is one of my favorite months because the annual Pet Issue of Lake Norman Currents Magazine goes on stands! This year I had the pleasure of photographing Ozzy, a Boxer/Pit mix, for the cover. I felt a special connection with Ozzy as he and Sadie (my black Lab/Pit mix) have very similar pasts. They both were living at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter and both were found at an adoption event at the local Petco just a short time before they were to be euthanized. Ozzy's mom adopted him just 2 weeks prior to him winning the Currents Commodore Cover Dog Contest which landed his headshot on the cover!

And some more of the adorable Ozzy. Who said shelter dogs couldn't be supermodels?

If you pick up an issue, don't miss the "Pets and the Owners who Love Them" story on page 28. If you follow this blog, you'll find some familiar faces gracing the pages of the magazine. I'm so proud of my clients! They all look awesome!

Mugsy and Moose - Studio Time

Last month, I had the pleasure of photographing Pepper, Mugsy, and Moose hanging out in their neighborhood (see their session here). They loved the camera so much that they went out, got an agent, and demanded some studio time to practice their modeling skills. Ok, maybe not. But that would have been funny. Mugsy and Moose made the trip to my studio and totally worked it. They earned those treats! Pepper stayed at home and rested as she still isn't at 100% health.

We started out and Mugsy and Moose were all about dancing...undefinedundefinedOk. Posing time.undefined undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedThen they decided to go all Playgirl on me...undefinedundefinedI'll finish with an outtake. Because you KNOW dogs don't just stay there! Hehe! undefined

Pepper, Mugsy and Moose

Surviving a plane crash, being diagnosed with MS and turning 40. These aren't things that most people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. However, my client, Tracy, has dealt with each one of these things over the past few years. A survivor of the Miracle on the Hudson, Tracey has since made a whole life transformation - getting in the best shape of her life and keeping a positive attitude. She has been very lucky to have 4 strong rocks by her side including her husband and 3 rat terriers, Pepper, Mugsy, and Moose. They have been there for her on her not-so-good days of dealing with MS and they were there to greet her when she returned to Charlotte after the horrible crash on the Hudson River. These dogs hold a special place in Tracey's heart and they mean the world to her. Congratulations, Tracey, on your bravery and determination. You are an inspiration. I introduce (from left to right) Moose, Mugsy, and Pepper...

undefinedundefinedMusgy is the middle child and going on strong. He deals with diabetes but stays young by playing with his younger brother, Moose.undefinedundefinedMoose is the baby at only 4 years old. He has the cutest little face with the best smile!undefinedPepper is the oldest and wisest of the pack and is know as the "crazy old lady". She sure did like to ham it up for the camera! She has been dealing with some liver issues so please send positive thoughts her way.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

You will get to see more of these guys after their studio session! I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!

Please take us home!

Time for some new pics from the Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas! I'm a little nervous posting these because these are the first images I have edited with my new computer. I'm still not sure if it is calibrated correctly and I think I have to do some more tweaking. Anyway, I'm thrilled to have this new computer and, so far, it has really cut my editing time. Definitely worth going into debt for. :) So here is the first doggy of the day... This handsome man is Ziggy. He is a new arrival to the rescue and was an owner-surrender. He already knows how to "sit" and is a sweet and curious guy. Oh, and aren't his eyes gorgeous?!?

Next we have Bart. Don't let the snaggle tooth fool you...this little guy is a cuddle machine!!! This chi-mix will make an awesome companion for a lucky person! He could just drift right to sleep in your arms...

Kobe is this next big guy. He is a Dane/Shepherd mix and will need lots of room to play. He is a smart fellow and another one of these dogs that has beautiful eyes!

Ok, how cute is this next guy? This boy is Jax (yes, with an x) and is ALL Bloodhound. He is still a pup around 8 months old and has the classic Bloodhound wrinkles and droopy ears. What a handsome young man. (Please note: he is available through the Michigan Bloodhound Rescue)

This next little (er, big) lady is Queena. I almost didn't want to post her pictures because I really want her to come home with ME! She is a beautiful Great Dane with a heart of gold. She loves to cuddle and could spend hours getting her rump scratched! I think her name is fitting...doesn't she look like royalty?

Next in line is Homer. Homer has the biggest personality and a huge smile and expressive ears to match!

Jhett is the next pup I got to spend some time with. He is another Shepherd mix with the brains to match. I swear he learned to sit as we were in the pen with him!

Is this the sweetest face ever? I think so! This is Jackson - another new arrival to the Rescue. This sweetheart was an owner-surrender on death row at a high-kill shelter. He is soooo happy to be safe now and wants to find someone to cuddle with...

This next gang was rescued from a puppy mill where their lives were miserable and doomed. Fortunately, these Rat Terriers are safe now! I don't know their names but there are 4 pups total (one was a little shy of the camera so he is not pictured). Their personalities range from outgoing and energetic (like the first guy below) to shy and sweet. [UPDATE: The black and white one is named Kicie, the bottom two are Beau and Luke, and the one not pictured is Piper.] One of them could be perfect for you...

Lastly, I want to give a special thank you to Ronnie and Corn for their help at the rescue this day. I couldn't do it alone!