Rescue Dogs

Winston, Daisy, Birdie + Scooter - Charlotte, NC

I know a group of dogs is called a pack but I kinda want to call these pups a gaggle. Just some weird urge I have. Haha! Maybe because they make me giggle?!? I mean, if you take a look as these little ones, you will too!

These smiley-faced puppers…

Tsunami, Rylie, Turk and Tilda

Tsunami, Rylie, Turk and Tilda

When you photograph four dogs in one session, it can get to be hard work. Throw in an impending thunderstorm, and the pressure is ON! Thankfully, during this photo shoot, I had four amazing furry models that made the entire experience such a pleasure.

The main focus of the session was sweet Tsunami, a 14-year-young Doberman. She has some mobility issues so we stayed close to home so she'd be comfortable. She was able to hang out in the yard and watch as the rainbow came... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Patch and Baxter

Patch and Baxter

Patch and Baxter. Don't those names just scream cuteness?!? When their mom booked their session, she sent over a picture of the two of them and I about melted right there in my chair. The big floppy ears on Baxter and the super-fuzzy black and white marking on Patch stole my heart. These two are quite the pair.

Patch is the Lab/Jack Russell big brother and enjoys his younger sibling enough to wrestle and play keep-away. He'll do anything for a treat and when he looks up at you with those amazing golden eyes, you'll be feeding him non-stop! Usually his brother... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Wee World Adoptables

Wee World Adoptables

Man, it has been WAY too long since I've been out to the Humane Society of Charlotte to photograph some adoptables. I really wanted to make it up to them and give them a new fun thing to share that - fingers crossed - would really get these pups' pictures out there. I decided to try to make some Wee Worlds with these seriously awesome models!!!

I know some shelter animals can have a bad reputation. But honestly, I don't know why. For example, these guys have never met me, been in front of a big camera, or made to do any serious tricks. Yet, as you'll see, they are modeling... (click the image above to keep reading)

Chaz, Molly & Chloe - Angel Session

About a month ago, I had the honor of squeezing in an Angel Session for Chaz, a handsome boy that was recently diagnosed with cancer. Chaz's mom won a free Pet Portrait Session at a fundraiser for a local rescue organization and wanted to book it right away for her sweet boy. Chaz's tumor is located in his lower intestines and, because it's untreatable, his vet is unsure of how much time he has left. We made sure we scheduled his photo shoot for the very next day. We spent a beautiful afternoon together surrounded by his 4- and 2-legged family. I introduce the adorable and unique-looking Chaz...

As sad as an Angel Session sounds, this photo shoot was actually very uplifting and fun! I'm so glad we booked the session when we did because Chaz still had plenty of energy to run with his pack.Molly is Chaz's sister and made the move from Yuma, AZ to the east coast with him.Chloe is Chaz's other sister and the youngest of them all. She was rescued from the Humane Society of Concord.Chaz made sure he took advantage of the extra attention during his session...So handsome...Chaz also made sure he had lots of fun! He showed off his running and playing skills despite his underlying health issues. Such a fighter!I almost *never* post "family" shots on my blog but I just HAD to share this one! This about sums up the day we had! :) Such wonderful energy!

Best wishes to Chaz and keep smiling big boy! XOXO!

The Dog Days of Summer - Part 2

I'm soooo excited to write this blog post - I can barely type!!! Why, you ask? Well, two reasons. Number 1 is because most of these shots were taken with my awesome new 50mm f/1.4 lens - in fact, these are the first pictures I have taken with it. I must say, I love it already!!! I can't wait to play around with it some more and see what all that baby can do. Reason number 2 is because you, my friend, are in for some major Great Dane Rescue cuteness out of this world cuteness! Now on to the pics... I'll start out with a kicker! Who can resist this furry little face with those oh-so-adorable eyelashes!?!

I'm not really sure if these little ones are going to be up for adoption, but I just couldn't resist posting their pics!

This sweet little man is Charlie. He is about 12 years old and was brought to the rescue as an owner surrender. This poor guy is so confused why he is here and just wants to curl up in someone's lap and feel safe again...

Next we have Sammie and a handsome white poodle. Sammie is the sweetest girl and has given birth to several of the black doggies I have photographed at the rescue. She isn't too good around other dogs but is a real cuddle bear with people. The white poodle is currently nameless but was definitely someone's baby at one time in his life. He loves to sit on your lap and will give you instant attention when the treats are pulled out!

Here they both are with their cutest faces and best smiles...

Luke is a Boxer/Hound mix of sorts and has a heart of gold. He will be awesome with a family that can give him tons of playtime because he loves his toys!

This next set of puppies will really get your heart racing. In total, there will be 6 little Hound pups available so get ready to make room in your house...

These last couple images remind me of why I volunteer at the Great Dane Rescue. No matter what breed, age, size, or shape, all these poor dogs want is for someone to take them home, give them a warm bed, plenty of food, and lots of kisses. I hope I help that happen.

The Dog Days of Summer - Part 1

As most of you know, it has been a hot few weeks here in the south. Luckily enough, most of us are blessed to have a comfortable home with a thermostat and chilly air conditioning. However, not everyone is so lucky...especially the animals that get left behind. This past Sunday, I spent some time volunteering at the Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas. This time it seemed different - it seemed strangely quiet and I didn't see all of the dogs as I glanced around. Well, with temperatures closing in on 100 degrees and the humidity hovering at 50-60 percent, most of the dogs were hiding in their houses in what little shade the high noon sun could provide.

Please don't forget these helpless animals this time of year. They would give anything to be able to sprawl out on your living room floor and chill under the ceiling fan and A/C vent. Here are just a few of the pups that need a comfortable home...

This sweet boy is Waylon. Despite the heat, he was ready to play with me and then settle down for a good chest scratching. He was definitely my favorite of the day!

Next is Christian (on the left) and WillowBear. Christian is a new arrival and WillowBear has been at the rescue for quite some time. WillowBear will be a gorgeous dog with some grooming and care. She is a sweet girl with great manners!

Next we have some Great Dane puppies!!! They are super cute and will melt your heart!

Your New Best Friend?

I swear that the Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas has the sweetest and most loving dogs EVER! I know I say it all the time, but I have yet to find one dog there that isn't overflowing with love and ready to share it with the lucky members of its forever home. Please contact the Rescue if any of these pups look like your new best friend. Before I begin with the photos, I want to give a shout out to a few people. First, Amanda, for helping me out with the photo shoot. Second and third, to Janeen and Allison Mayfield. Janeen's family adopted Buddy (Gilbert) from the GDR in June 2008 and are completely in love with him. To show their appreciation, Janeen's daughter, Allison, collected donations for the Rescue in lieu of presents for her birthday. Many thanks go out to the Mayfield family! The world is lucky to have such a warm-hearted and thoughtful child and kudos to Janeen for raising such a beautiful daughter!

Picture Time!

First on the roster today is Elvis. Cute brown puppy? Check. Sweet as can be? Check. Loves the head tilt? Check. Do I want to take him home? Check.

Next we have Sadie, a pretty Beagle mix. She was found hidden underneath a trailer and now wants to spend the rest of her life with a loving home...

I have had my eye on Priscilla for a few weeks now and I finally had the opportunity to photograph her. She is absolutely gorgeous!!!! She is still young, ready to play, and is a genuinely happy girl!

I don't know the names of the next two dogs but they will probably get adopted fast. The puppy on the left almost went home with my helper for the day!

The next few pics are of a pair of Schnauzers that (I believe) were rescued from a puppy mill. The first guy is Mugsley and is just as friendly as can be and walks around without a care in the world! His girl friend, Poopsy, seemed to be a little more shy and would love to go home with her BFF.

Lastly, we have Bo. Bo was such a ham for the camera. His expressions were priceless! This dog will definitely provide endless entertainment for you and your family...