Myrtle Beach Pet Photographer

Moose, Mugsy & Pepper - Take 3

Moose, Mugsy, and Pepper are becoming regulars at McGraw Photography. I photographed them twice last year so I was happy to spend a couple hours with them again last week for take three! This time, we spent a pretty morning on the beach in Myrtle Beach, SC. Sunrise came nice and early and all three of the pups were ready to head out and get their paws in the sand...

I'll start with Pepper because she only spent a little while with us. She was recently diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and, because of that and her age, she has difficulty walking on the tricky sand.Despite her shaky legs, she managed to explore most of the beach.Pepper is such a cute ol' gal and I love her sweet smile!Now the other two, Moose and Mugsy, were a different story. No...don't let this picture fool you. They were ready to let loose out there!Out on the beach, they started with wrestling and playing...and then running, running, and more running...Moose is so fast that his rear goes faster than his front!Every once in a while, Mugsy would stop and look up for a second. Those moments were few and far between. ;)I caught Moose's attention briefly with a treat.And then it was time to stalk the birds...More treats anyone?I'm so glad these pups' mom has a sense of humor! I think she is starting a tradition of featuring a goofy picture of her dog on each year's Christmas card. I think she has a few to choose from this time! ;) Haha!