Currents Magazine Pet Issue

Currents Magazine Pet Issue

Every year, Lake Norman Currents Magazine celebrates the pets of the Lake Norman area with their annual pet issue. They host a fun contest with tons of dogs - small to large, fluffy to bald. Judges from the area have the hard decision of picking just one that will land on the cover of the magazine. This year, Cuda walked away... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Snickers and Lily

In 2012, I travelled up to New York City to watch the Westminster Dog Show. That year, a furry little Pekingese named Palacegarden Malachy won Best in Show. He was cute and all, but I think Snickers and Lily give him a run for his money! This Pekingese pair live in Birkdale Village and we spent their session exploring the local parks and greenway. The colors in every corner of the neighborhood were so bright and vivid - totally complimenting the utter cuteness of this duo.

Lily, the black lady, is a young and spunky girl! She was so excited about checking out every nook and cranny of the places we walked to. Snickers, on the other hand, is a little more reserved at his older age and was WAY more interested in the yummy treats I had. :) As long a they had smiles on their faces, I was happy!

Modern Pet PortraitsCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerCharlotte Pet PhotographerI know Snickers is a male but this shot looks so boudoir to me for some reason. Ha! It makes me laugh!On-location Dog PortraitsThe tail in this image is just too graceful for words...North Carolina Pet PhotographyLily is all, "are you gonna let me down now so I can explore?!?"Outdoor Pet PhotographyShe's keeping watch in case anyone wants to cross her bridge... ;)Modern Images for Posh PetsCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerI loved posing these two with the beautiful flowers!Boutique Pet Photography ServiceHuntersville NC Dog PhotographyPekingese PortraitHehe! This pair cracks me up! They soooo didn't want to sit next to each other for a picture. With enough patience and treats, they finally cooperated. Lily loves Snickers. Snickers likes Lily. Lol!Pekingese Sitting Together

I can't wait to see the final artwork of these two. It's gonna be amazing! Maybe it will be displayed over Palacegarden Malachy's bed? Lol!

Chip and Jolie

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but this dog (and by "this dog" I mean me) totally learned something new during Chip and Jolie's session. Chip and Jolie, a pair of happy Papillons, have always been clicker trained - something I've heard of but never was taught properly. It was absolutely fascinating to see! They were amazing at it and completely motivated to do and try new things as soon as the clicker was pulled out! Their mom was nice enough to give me a lesson on how it works and she even did a demonstration with her husband (I think she's on to something big there, btw)!!! I welcome Chip (the pup with the most brown) and Jolie to the blog!

Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerChip has a very handsome face. His eyes and ears just kill me with cuteness!!!Contemporary Dog PhotographerModern Pet PortraitsJolie is such a little lady! She looks so elegant!Charlotte NC Pet PhotographyModern Images for Posh PetsNorth Carolina Dog PhotographerThe clicker training taught Chip and Jolie to get on objects and try out different things for a reward. They are especially good with the ball, balance board, and many other agility-based obstacles. Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerHuntersville NC Pet PortraitsCharlotte NC Dog PhotographyPet Portrait PhotographerBoth Chip and Jolie love to chase the ball. Mostly I think they just like to play keep-away. Papillon Images

A huge thanks goes out to Chip and Jolie's family for allowing me to work with their youngest pups. They've had a rough year but were oh-so-gracious and welcoming during their session. I can wait to work with them on their final artwork. Much love!

Ilsa - Dog Portraits

Ilsa. I almost cried when I met her. I had a flash-forward about 9 years and saw my Eva in her eyes. They look identical to the point it shocked me. However, Ilsa is still a gorgeous girl at fourteen-and-a-half years young! She is a tough lady once named the "Most Hyper Dog Ever Seen" by a local veterinarian. She still has her spunk after having 2 knee replacements, cancer on her nose, and arthritis in all of her legs. She was a pleasure to work with and kept me surprised at her love for yummy treats and the energy she still had. I mean, look at this adorable face... I'm so glad the family wanted to join in for some of the pictures! I always encourage my clients to join in and no one ever regrets doing it. Ilsa still has her skills!And she still has her silliness!We packed up the treats and heading to the local park...

Thank you so much for letting my photograph Ilsa. I hope this was a glimpse into what my future will be like with Eva. I would be one lucky girl :)

Pepper, Mugsy and Moose

Surviving a plane crash, being diagnosed with MS and turning 40. These aren't things that most people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. However, my client, Tracy, has dealt with each one of these things over the past few years. A survivor of the Miracle on the Hudson, Tracey has since made a whole life transformation - getting in the best shape of her life and keeping a positive attitude. She has been very lucky to have 4 strong rocks by her side including her husband and 3 rat terriers, Pepper, Mugsy, and Moose. They have been there for her on her not-so-good days of dealing with MS and they were there to greet her when she returned to Charlotte after the horrible crash on the Hudson River. These dogs hold a special place in Tracey's heart and they mean the world to her. Congratulations, Tracey, on your bravery and determination. You are an inspiration. I introduce (from left to right) Moose, Mugsy, and Pepper...

undefinedundefinedMusgy is the middle child and going on strong. He deals with diabetes but stays young by playing with his younger brother, Moose.undefinedundefinedMoose is the baby at only 4 years old. He has the cutest little face with the best smile!undefinedPepper is the oldest and wisest of the pack and is know as the "crazy old lady". She sure did like to ham it up for the camera! She has been dealing with some liver issues so please send positive thoughts her way.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

You will get to see more of these guys after their studio session! I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!

Bark for Life - Lake Norman

Saturday morning marked a first for the American Cancer Society. It was their first Bark for Life event held at Birkdale Village in Huntersville, NC. The morning was cold and gloomy but spirits were high as a large group of dogs and their people came out to walk in support of the battle against human and animal cancers. The one mile walk began in Birkdale, circled through the adjoining neighborhood and finished along the wetlands behind the Village. The rain held off long enough to finish the walk and even include some Just for Fun contests. Many thanks to all of the participants that braved the cool weather and came out to support a good cause. I always enjoy events put on by the American Cancer Society and this was certainly no exception. I enjoyed everyone's laughs, smiling faces, and most importantly, their pups.

undefinedI'll start off the parade of dogs with the 2011 Canine Ambassador. This is Peyton, a playful 10-year-young Lab who was diagnosed with a Grade II myxofibrosarcoma that was removed from his ribs in late 2010 and is now cancer free. Isn't he handsome...undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedThis little fellow wrapped up the end of the pack. He wasn't too keen on walking very far... undefinedundefinedThis was a shoe-in for best kisser!undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

For more photos from the event, click HERE. Enjoy! All of the images will be up by Tuesday, March 29th at 5pm.

If you missed Bark for Life - Lake Norman, don't fear! ACS is hosting another Bark for Life event in uptown Charlotte on Saturday, April 9th at the WFNZ Dog House. I invite you to come out and walk for a cause!

Thanks again to all of the great participants!!!