Gertie - Studio Session

Who doesn't love a Frenchie? Seriously. If you are one of the few that don't, perhaps Gertie here will help change your mind. Gertie is just a pup...9 months old to be exact. And trust me, she had the energy to prove her puppiness (yeah, I made up a word). She had me on my toes! She was here and there and everywhere and I loved every minute of it! Check out this pretty Blue Fawn Pied funny face during her studio session...

Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyThis face is too much...Frenchie Portrait on Seamless BackgroundNow when I say that Gertie loves balls. I mean LOVES balls - any size, color, texture, whatever!! Here are some examples to prove my point:

Number 1: The Jolly Ball

French Bulldog playing in-studioNorth Carolina Pet photographerFrenchie playing with Jolly BallNorth Carolina Dog photographerNumber 2: Red Bouncy BallModern Studio Pet PortraitsCharlotte NC Pet PhotographerNumber 3 (and to show you that size and color don't matter): BasketballModern Studio Dog PortraitsContemporary Studio Dog PortraitsI may have given you the impression that Gertie doesn't have a serious side. However, she does. See? Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerStudio Pet PhotographyCharlotte NC Pet PhotographyAnd one last goofy one for kicks... Fun modern studio Pet photographyIf you love Gertie, let me know! She's going to have an on-location session in June and we're going swimming!!! Yippee!!!