Patch and Baxter

Patch and Baxter. Don't those names just scream cuteness?!? When their mom booked their session, she sent over a picture of the two of them and I about melted right there in my chair. The big floppy ears on Baxter and the super-fuzzy black and white marking on Patch stole my heart. These two are quite the pair.

Patch is the Lab/Jack Russell big brother and enjoys his younger sibling enough to wrestle and play keep-away. He'll do anything for a treat and when he looks up at you with those amazing golden eyes, you'll be feeding him non-stop! Usually his brother keeps the tennis ball, but when Patch has the opportunity, he grabs it and goes to town chewing on it and rolling around. Those were some of my favorite images of his happy-self. :)

Baxter, a Coonhound, started off with a pretty tough life. He was found abandoned in the mountains and was literally starving to death. He was afraid of everything and had tons of anxiety. Now he is well-adjusted and in a very loving home full of tennis balls. :) As you'll see, he couldn't be happier about that!!

Baxter and Patch's canvases are going to be amaze-balls in their own little entryway into the house!

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