Tsunami, Rylie, Turk and Tilda

When you photograph four dogs in one session, it can get to be hard work. Throw in an impending thunderstorm, and the pressure is ON! Thankfully, during this photo shoot, I had four amazing furry models that made the entire experience such a pleasure.

The main focus of the session was sweet Tsunami, a 14-year-young Doberman. She has some mobility issues so we stayed close to home so she'd be comfortable. She was able to hang out in the yard and watch as the rainbow came and went over the lake. Now just because she's a little elderly doesn't mean she won't raise hell. Haha! She adores her youngest sister, Tilda Roux, and will get things riled up as you'll see below!

Speaking of Tilda Roux, let's talk about this bubbly 2-year-old Frenchie. In normal Frenchie form, she was a complete ham!!! Her mom described her as a clown as she certainly keeps the smiles coming. She'd happily jump in every shot if we let her. :)

Rounding out the trio of girls is Rylie Alabama. I have to say, she is seriously photogenic. Throw in the little mouth thing she does when she gets her picture taken? OMG. Love. Love. Love!

And the only boy of the pack is Turk! He's a Shepherd mix that enjoys protecting his family. He likes to take his time warming up to you. But, when he got more used to me and the camera...magic! He posed like a champ around the yard and out on the dock.

I'm so glad the storms stayed at bay during our shoot. The images of these pups with their parents are some of my new faves. :)

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