My First Cover!

It's finally here!!! The October issue of Lake Norman Currents Magazine is now on stands! I have been waiting all year for this issue for several reasons. Number 1 - because it is the coveted pet issue. Number 2 - because I have a picture on the COVER! I was very fortunate to meet the publisher of Currents back in March during a Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce event. I told her I specialized in architectural photography and I was just getting into doing pet photography as well. I saw her ears perk up when I mentioned pet portraits and she instantly told me about one of their most popular issues - the October pet issue. From that day on, I knew I wanted to be in that issue. Even if I just had an ad, I would be happy.

After shooting several stories for the magazine, the editor approached me about photographing an event that would raise money for the Cornelius Animal Shelter Alliance. The event would be in the form of a contest with the winner gracing the cover of the October pet issue. Sold! Of course I would help out. I would get to photograph cute dogs not just for the magazine, but for a good cause as well.

But wait...that wasn't all. The email continued by saying that they wanted ME to shoot the contest winner's picture for the COVER! Really!?! Me? I about had a heart attack. This is the issue I just wanted to have an ad in and now I'm going to shoot the cover? Hmmm...let me think out this. I politely and calmly wrote back saying that I would take the assignment.

Currents Magazine Pet Issue

Webster was the lucky winner of the contest and will now have a taste of fame at a very young age. This handsome puppy was so well-mannered and was the perfect model for his first photo shoot. I mean, who couldn't take a good picture of Webster with those adorable ears of his? Many congrats to Webster and his mommy. I will remember you forever! XOXO! Here are a couple other pics of the little man without his winning trophy...

Currents Magazine Pet IssueFor more pictures from the Currents Commodore Cover Dog Contest, pick up your magazine today or click HERE for my blog post from the event.