A Lazy Day at the Ranch

Ok, so maybe its not so lazy. Lazy 5 Ranch is a way cool 200 acre animal park in Mooresville that boasts exotic creatures from six different continents. Running through the heart of the property is a 3.5 mile road that visitors can adventure down in either the comfort of their own car or on a rustic horse-drawn carriage. This unique ranch allows the guests to feed the giraffes, buffalo, ostriches, donkeys, deer, pigs, water buffalo and more in a fun petting zoo type of atmosphere.

I was asked by Lake Norman Currents Magazine to do a behind-the-scenes photo shoot showing how the staff get ready for a big day at the ranch. The workers were great and were very cooperative...they really went above and beyond to show me how things operate.

I highly recommend a trip to Lazy 5 Ranch for either a fun day trip with the kids or for a unique and adventurous date. My only suggestion - if you choose to drive your own car through the ranch, be ready for some inquisitive faces to peek through your windows and don't even bother washing your car beforehand. ;)

Currents Magazine - Lazy 5 Ranch

The staff at Lazy 5 Ranch were kind enough to let me photograph their daily morning routine. They begin the day bright and early by wrangling the horses and getting them harnessed up and ready for the wagon rides.Lazy 5 RanchLazy 5 RanchEach wagon carries buckets of feed so visitors can lure the animals and get some quality face to face time.Lazy 5 RanchI was invited along on a wagon ride with a handful of excited children and their parents. Dave was our knowledgeable tour guide and was quick to answer any questions we had. He was awesome and made sure we had a great time!Lazy 5 RanchHere are a few of the animals you can meet at Lazy 5 Ranch...Lazy 5 RanchLazy 5 RanchLazy 5 RanchCurrents Magazine - Lazy 5 Ranch

Most visitors only get to see the lemurs from afar but I was lucky enough to cross the moat and be on hand when they were released from their overnight shelter and fed a breakfast of just-picked figs. Isn't he cute? The water buffalo...um...not so much.Lazy 5 Ranch