Eva's Day at the Lake

It's been a while since I've blogged a complete pet portrait session so I thought I would do one for my own doggy, Eva. I want to show those of you that may not be too familiar with McGraw Photography what a typical shoot might look like. Here it goes... Usually, I like to start off in my client's house - a comfortable place for the dog and really the best location for your pet to get to know me and my camera. From there we can go to any location that your pet loves - your backyard, a local park, etc. As I shoot, I let your dog do its own thing. Occasionally, and with your help, I'll have him pose or move to a specific location that I think will look great. However, I want to capture your dog's personality and the best way to do that is to let him be himself. I want images that you can look back on and say to yourself, "Oh, that is SO my dog."

So this is exactly how I shot Eva's images. We started out around the house shooting what she loves to do most - hang out on the couch, chew on toys, and play guard dog.Eva's Dog PortraitsEva's Dog PortraitsEva's Dog PortraitsEva's Dog PortraitsEva's Dog PortraitsThis was about the point when I told her we were going to GO somewhere (her favorite word). She was so excited...Eva's Dog PortraitsShe waited patiently in front of the door. She knew we would GO soon...Eva's Dog Portraits Finally time to head to the lake! Eva loves going on car rides in daddy's big truck. She can see everything from so high up in the air...Eva's Dog PortraitsEva's Dog PortraitsThe drought really has affected the lake. A large stretch of "mud beach" greeted us along the water. Eva didn't mind...it made it easier to find sticks along the shore.Eva's Dog PortraitsEva's Dog PortraitsI love this image. It totally reminds me of Forrest, Forrest Gump...Eva's Dog PortraitsI thought I knew all the tricks to get a dog's attention - toys, squeakers, treats, funny noises, meowing, etc. However, nothing works when birds and squirrels are just a few feet away...Eva's Dog PortraitsEva's Dog PortraitsEva's Dog PortraitsIt was time to head back home so Eva took a second to take one last look across the water. I think she was pretty content...Eva's Dog Portraits I love you Eva and Eva's daddy! If you are ready to book your own doggy portrait session, contact me and I'll answer any questions you may have!