I tell you what. I think dogs are absolutely gorgeous and special animals. However, Karma here knows he's extra fabulous! He is a German Shorthair Pointer that can frequently be seen in the show ring. In fact, after our session together, I went to one of his shows and he won Best of Breed right then and there! Right?!?!?!

Karma's mom spends a great deal of time with him...working on structure, core, agility, etc. She taught me so much during our chats and I feel like I've walked away knowing so much more about the health of our furry babies. Thank you, Karma's mom!

Anyway, although he is a show dog, Karma is first and foremost a beloved pet and member of the family. He has a serious side but mostly is a big goofball. I had a blast seeing all sides of his personality and watching him work. Isn't he just a stunner?

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