Chaz, Molly & Chloe - Angel Session

About a month ago, I had the honor of squeezing in an Angel Session for Chaz, a handsome boy that was recently diagnosed with cancer. Chaz's mom won a free Pet Portrait Session at a fundraiser for a local rescue organization and wanted to book it right away for her sweet boy. Chaz's tumor is located in his lower intestines and, because it's untreatable, his vet is unsure of how much time he has left. We made sure we scheduled his photo shoot for the very next day. We spent a beautiful afternoon together surrounded by his 4- and 2-legged family. I introduce the adorable and unique-looking Chaz...

As sad as an Angel Session sounds, this photo shoot was actually very uplifting and fun! I'm so glad we booked the session when we did because Chaz still had plenty of energy to run with his pack.Molly is Chaz's sister and made the move from Yuma, AZ to the east coast with him.Chloe is Chaz's other sister and the youngest of them all. She was rescued from the Humane Society of Concord.Chaz made sure he took advantage of the extra attention during his session...So handsome...Chaz also made sure he had lots of fun! He showed off his running and playing skills despite his underlying health issues. Such a fighter!I almost *never* post "family" shots on my blog but I just HAD to share this one! This about sums up the day we had! :) Such wonderful energy!

Best wishes to Chaz and keep smiling big boy! XOXO!