Abby - Doggy Portraits

Abby's human parents lost their last dog a year ago and decided they were ready to adopt again in November. When they found Abby, she had just been rescued off of Independence Boulevard - one of the busiest streets in Charlotte. Her dad wasn't sold on adopting a female, but, even though it has only been a few months, Abby has quickly filled the emptiness her parents were feeling. She even has her dad wrapped around her little paw. Ah, daddy's little girl! Because of the connection that has developed between Abby and her dad, her mom thought it would be a great idea to surprise them with a photo shoot! Abby's dad just celebrated his birthday and their anniversary is at the end of the month. Perfect timing!

Because of Abby's past, she was a little shy of the camera and the clicking of the shutter. We decided to take her to the neighborhood park so she could focus more on running, checking out the the geese, other dogs, and the pretty sights and sounds. Abby came out of her shell at the park and let loose!

Abby checking out the approaching geese...

She's gonna get 'em...They escape into the pond. Abby's job is done.But she has to make sure they are gone for good...Abby is one strong runner. She gets the zoomies like nobody's business!The sun sets and we head back home...Back home, Abby showed just how exhausted she was. We had a great session and I hope Abby's dad enjoys this sneak peek!