Sadie & Business Update

A few weeks ago, I took one of my dogs, Eva, out to this gorgeous field near my home. The light was amazing and it bounced so many warm, golden colors throughout her images. I wanted to bring my other dog, Sadie, to the same spot to get some updated images of her since she in now starting to move out of her puppyhood stage. Just as we arrived, the sky started to darken and storm clouds moved onto the horizon. I shot off just a few clicks of the shutter and fortunately got a keeper before the sun disappeared for the evening. I can't wait to take her back out to this location to do a proper session with her! So, speaking of moving out of puppyhood stage, you will be seeing some changes on my blog and website over the next few weeks. Now that I have been photographing pets for 2 years, I feel like I have found my style and the look that I absolutely love. I feel like I've moving in the right direction and my business is growing right alongside Sadie. I will be changing my branding (again!) to better reflect that. I say "again" because I just had an overhaul about 6 months ago that I was never really in love with. Along with the rebranding, I will slowly be adding on some higher-end album and digital image options to reflect the discerning taste of my 4-legged clients. I look forward to sharing everything with you and stay tuned for some AWESOME upcoming sessions during, what is stacking up to be, a super busy spring!