Ellie, Jessie, and Dillon

I'm not going to lie. I want to dog-nap these 3 totally chill pups! Shhhhh...don't tell their parents! I think I just have an affinity toward older doggies. Here are (from left to right) Jessie, Dillon, and Ellie... Jessie is a sweet lady that loves her toys but loves wagging her tail even more (you'll see what I mean later on). She has Addison's disease but you would never know it by her contagious smile. She gets a shot every 5 weeks to keep her happy and healthy and so far, she hasn't missed a trick!Dillon is the youngest child at the ripe age of 10. He is a bona fide chipmunk hunter and cutie pie!Dillon loves throwing his toys and while I didn't get the perfect shot of the action, this pic still makes me giggle.Next up we have Ellie. Ellie literally made me gasp when I saw her because she is just that gorgeous in person. This baby 13-year-old lost her hearing back at a young age and was my first deaf doggy client. She has a pretty bad case of arthritis and is a little wobbly on her feet. Nevertheless, she donned an irresistible smile and was a pleasure to photograph!This is one of Ellie's "looks". Haha! I love how her wrinkles all fall forward!After hanging out at the house, we headed out on the boat for a sunset cruise. The dogs all ran down the dock......and assumed their favorite positions.You know how I said Jessie loves to wag her tail? Well, she wags so hard and so much that she has actually hurt her tail and it needs to stay wrapped in medical tape. I thought it looked super cute. On the left - one of the few opportunities you will see it sitting still. On the right - the happy tail in action! Ellie, Jessie and Dillon, I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek! :)