Sadie & Business Update

A few weeks ago, I took one of my dogs, Eva, out to this gorgeous field near my home. The light was amazing and it bounced so many warm, golden colors throughout her images. I wanted to bring my other dog, Sadie, to the same spot to get some updated images of her since she in now starting to move out of her puppyhood stage. Just as we arrived, the sky started to darken and storm clouds moved onto the horizon. I shot off just a few clicks of the shutter and fortunately got a keeper before the sun disappeared for the evening. I can't wait to take her back out to this location to do a proper session with her! So, speaking of moving out of puppyhood stage, you will be seeing some changes on my blog and website over the next few weeks. Now that I have been photographing pets for 2 years, I feel like I have found my style and the look that I absolutely love. I feel like I've moving in the right direction and my business is growing right alongside Sadie. I will be changing my branding (again!) to better reflect that. I say "again" because I just had an overhaul about 6 months ago that I was never really in love with. Along with the rebranding, I will slowly be adding on some higher-end album and digital image options to reflect the discerning taste of my 4-legged clients. I look forward to sharing everything with you and stay tuned for some AWESOME upcoming sessions during, what is stacking up to be, a super busy spring!

Eva and Bubbles - Dog Portraits

...and, unfortunately, "Bubbles" isn't a new dog of ours! ;) As often as possible, I like to take some time to photograph my own dogs. After the busy holiday season, I finally had some spare time to take Eva out to a location I've had my eye on for several months. Back in November and December, this field was filled with gorgeous yellow flowers. The timing to shoot back then didn't quite work out but I ended up really loving the gold and brown tones that filled the field a few weeks ago. They complimented Eva's coloring perfectly! I love this first image so much that I had a 30x40 canvas made of it!


Time to bust out the bubbles! I've been wanting to play with these just to see how they would turn out in pictures. They are non-toxic, catnip bubbles meant to make your cat go crazy. Do they work on dogs? Yeah, not so much.Eva thinks she's over it... And that one just popped in her face.     She's done.Time to head back home! :) Next up will be Sadie!

Ilsa - Dog Portraits

Ilsa. I almost cried when I met her. I had a flash-forward about 9 years and saw my Eva in her eyes. They look identical to the point it shocked me. However, Ilsa is still a gorgeous girl at fourteen-and-a-half years young! She is a tough lady once named the "Most Hyper Dog Ever Seen" by a local veterinarian. She still has her spunk after having 2 knee replacements, cancer on her nose, and arthritis in all of her legs. She was a pleasure to work with and kept me surprised at her love for yummy treats and the energy she still had. I mean, look at this adorable face... I'm so glad the family wanted to join in for some of the pictures! I always encourage my clients to join in and no one ever regrets doing it. Ilsa still has her skills!And she still has her silliness!We packed up the treats and heading to the local park...

Thank you so much for letting my photograph Ilsa. I hope this was a glimpse into what my future will be like with Eva. I would be one lucky girl :)

Blaze - Dog Portraits

(If you recognize Blaze, shhhhhhh, keep it a secret! His dad will see these for the first time on Christmas!) Blaze had a rough start to life. He was abandoned on the side of the road and was left cold and confused. Luckily, his current family's dentist found him and passed him along to the wonderful home he has now. Blaze quickly worked his way to the "top dog" position in his dad's heart and is perfectly content as his dad's favorite.

Knowing this background made it so easy for me to understand why Blaze's human brothers wanted to surprise their dad with the gift of photography. They were the lucky winners of a pet portrait session donated for a silent auction at a recent charity event. At 17 years old, Blaze's human brothers handled setting up the shoot and were completely responsible for making it happen. They were great to work with and Blaze wasn't too bad either! Haha! I mean, look at how cute he is!

I was so happy the sun was out during our session. Lately it's been playing hide-and-go-seek with me. What a handsome boy...His tongue looks like a heart <3!These are for Blaze's dad (a huge Auburn fan)!I normally don't pose my doggy models as much as I did with Blaze...he was just so good at it! After all his sitting and staying, Blaze cut loose, got to run, catch his favorite tennis ball, and even went on a quick swim in Lake Norman.Hehehehe...

Merry Christmas to Blaze's dad! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Ellie, Jessie, and Dillon

I'm not going to lie. I want to dog-nap these 3 totally chill pups! Shhhhh...don't tell their parents! I think I just have an affinity toward older doggies. Here are (from left to right) Jessie, Dillon, and Ellie... Jessie is a sweet lady that loves her toys but loves wagging her tail even more (you'll see what I mean later on). She has Addison's disease but you would never know it by her contagious smile. She gets a shot every 5 weeks to keep her happy and healthy and so far, she hasn't missed a trick!Dillon is the youngest child at the ripe age of 10. He is a bona fide chipmunk hunter and cutie pie!Dillon loves throwing his toys and while I didn't get the perfect shot of the action, this pic still makes me giggle.Next up we have Ellie. Ellie literally made me gasp when I saw her because she is just that gorgeous in person. This baby 13-year-old lost her hearing back at a young age and was my first deaf doggy client. She has a pretty bad case of arthritis and is a little wobbly on her feet. Nevertheless, she donned an irresistible smile and was a pleasure to photograph!This is one of Ellie's "looks". Haha! I love how her wrinkles all fall forward!After hanging out at the house, we headed out on the boat for a sunset cruise. The dogs all ran down the dock......and assumed their favorite positions.You know how I said Jessie loves to wag her tail? Well, she wags so hard and so much that she has actually hurt her tail and it needs to stay wrapped in medical tape. I thought it looked super cute. On the left - one of the few opportunities you will see it sitting still. On the right - the happy tail in action! Ellie, Jessie and Dillon, I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek! :)

Bailey, Tess, and Brother Bear - II

Last year I met up with 3 great dogs for a photo shoot - Bailey, Tess, and Brother Bear. Bailey was the main focus of the session and his parents really wanted a shot of him carrying his leash in his mouth. Unfortunately, Bailey wasn't into cooperating and didn't offer showing off his mouth skills that day. Because of our lack of success, I thought I would try again. This time it was to be a surprise to my clients. Fortunately, I'm friends with their pet sitter and she gave me a heads up that they were going out of town. Awesome! The perfect opportunity! Well, despite our best efforts, Bailey wanted nothing to do with his leash...again! Maybe a third time will be the charm?

When all else fails, take pics of the doggies doing their thing! And that's just what we did! :) Here are Bailey (left), Brother Bear (middle), and Tess (right) again...

Maybe Bailey didn't want his leash in his mouth because he was showing off how goofy it can look when he runs? Hehe!

And here is Bailey going through his poses for the camera...

'Till next time!

Eva - Emerald Isle

I love going to the beach with my dogs because they can just let loose, obsess over Sandpipers, dig holes in the sand, and be extremely tired by the end of the day. I made sure I got some images of Eva doing just these things on our last trip to Emerald Isle. Enjoy!undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined Eva's ostrich impression. Yes, she dug the hole this deep by herself. Silly girl.



Uptown Charlotte is filled with cool and unique areas just begging for photo shoots. Saturday night, we decided to take Sadie out for some location scouting and she had to fill in as a test model. Still very much a puppy, she doesn't quite have her "stay" down pat (of course unless its dinner time) but she did great nonetheless! Here is Sadie at 10 months...

I think Sadie is trying to smile in the image on the right?