Animal Photography

Gus and Sanford

Let me just apologize in advance for such a loooooong post but I just couldn't help myself!!! Once you scroll through the photos, you'll understand why! Gus, a Dachshund, and Sanford, an English Bulldog, joined me on a beautiful day in Davidson. I knew instantly that these two were going to be amazing in front of the camera! While they might not have been the best at sitting or staying and they kept their mom's hands full, it didn't matter in the end! These two burst with personality and their precious faces just scream "I'm the cutest thing EVER"!

I love the handsome bow-ties their mom made special for their photo shoot.We took off to Fisher Farm so the pups would have fewer distractions and have a little room to spread their short legs. The grass was finally starting to turn green and gorgeous little purple flowers were popping up everywhere. The evening light made it a sight for sore eyes...Sanford also enjoyed the fresh Spring air...Gus loves to chase tennis balls so why would I want to stop him? ;)Hehehehe...Some exploring...OMG! I seriously want to steal these two so I could photograph them all the time! Look at those faces!!!If you don't love these two, you officially need to be checked out by a doctor! What a pair!!!

Many props to Gus and Sanford's mom who had her hands full during our shoot. Plus, she was a trooper sitting in the grass in her pretty dress, had to listen to my sickly cough, and put up with me calling Sanford the wrong name (I had a mental block).  I think it was totally worth it!!! I hope she agrees! :)