Daisy - Charlotte, NC

Want to know one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone? A secret photoshoot of their fur baby! That’s exactly what Daisy’s session was! We were able to sneak her away and surprise her mom with the most wonderful gallery of images. Her gracious son got her the most gorgeous Coffee Table Album and a ton of other artwork. I mean, what could be better?!?

Daisy’s mom couldn’t believe that we were able to get Daisy to pose for the camera so well. What’s funny is that often times the pups don’t even know they are posing! They are looking at a noise, a treat, etc. And, to keep them safe and in the area I need them to be, they are on-leash. Just part of what’s included in the session - leash removal. Boom! You’d never know they were safe and sound and just hanging out like any doggy at the park!