Shih Tzu

Daisy - Charlotte, NC

Daisy - Charlotte, NC

Want to know one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone? A secret photoshoot of their fur baby! That’s exactly what Daisy’s session was! We were able to sneak her away and surprise her mom with the most wonderful gallery of images. Her gracious son got her the most gorgeous Coffee…

Lily + Rose - Charlotte, NC

Lily + Rose - Charlotte, NC

Most people wouldn’t think of Shih Tzus as adventure dogs but Lily and Rose would put them to the test. Now, granted, these two aren’t usually out wondering around down grass pathways and acres of woods. However, they had me fooled during our session! They took full advantage…

Lottie Dottie, Little Sister and Breezer

Lottie Dottie, Little Sister, and Breezer. Judging by the names, I knew this trio was going to be pretty awesome. This little pack's mom won a session with me in a silent auction during the Humane Society of Charlotte's Ties and Tails Gala back in October. We decided to wait until the Spring to shoot the session to take advantage of the green grass and pretty flowers that their yard offered. I'm so glad we did! These three really showed off their home turf as best they could!

We had a lovely session together and I learned so much about each of these Shih Tzu's personalities.

Lottie Dottie, the gray and white lady on the left, was the most independent of the pack. She was happy to go about her own business unless we could bribe her with some hotdogs, cheese, or carrots. She knew how to get what she wanted! :)

Breezer, the blue-eyed boy in the middle, was the one we were most nervous about. He is a recent foster failure that was rescued from a puppy mill. When he was brought home, he didn't know how to walk down stairs, he wouldn't eat out of a bowl, and he was obviously very skittish. It has been several months since he's been rescued and he's made wonderful strides in learning how to be a real dog! He was actually very cooperative during the session and warmed up to me pretty quickly. His mom is very outspoken against puppy mills and Breezer has now become the poster child for her cause. Love that!

The happy black and white girl on the right is Little Sister. She is so laid back and wanted to be involved in all of the action during the shoot. She has been a big help in making her new brother, Breezer, feel at home.

Each of the pups happily posed by the pretty flowers in the backyard...I thought this was a cute shot of Breezer coming out of his shell. He allowed me to get very close to him with the camera from above - something that can be very intimidating to a timid dog. He was fine as long as he got his hotdogs! :) Little Sister showed Breezer the ropes in getting some action shots!Meanwhile, Lottie Dottie heard treats rattling around and came running!And some cute pics by the lounge chairs... :)

What a wonderful session with some fabulous dogs and heartfelt people! I hope to see more of Breezer's face as his mom speaks out against the puppy mill problem we are dealing with in North Carolina. I want to give a huge THANKS to her for fighting the fight!