2010 Dogswalk Against Cancer

The 2010 Dogswalk Against Cancer was the biggest and best yet! On Saturday, April 3rd, hundreds of dogs and their people ascended on uptown Charlotte for a 1.1 mile walk to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Almost 1000 people registered and over $59,000 was raised to fight both human and animal cancers! Yay! This event was truly special to me as I have never seen SO many dogs and their owners unite for one cause. Every doggy was amazing and its truly touching to see how a common interest in animals can unite and create an instant bond between complete strangers. A million thanks to the awesome people, sponsors, and beloved dogs that came out to support this event.

Who can resist a face like this?

These guys cracked me up! I think they were hitting the margaritas!

This little guy was ready to go again!

This sweet guy (available at the Great Dane Rescue) made it the whole way...he just had to stop and rest a couple times.

Being cute is tough work!

A few doggies had the red carpet treatment and got chauffeured down the street!

I fell in LOVE with this Bulldog! His name is Bacon (how awesome!) and he has the coolest tongue. The poor guy was soooo exhausted!!!

Some more furry cuteness...

These next few pups are available for adoption at the Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas...