Great Dane Mix

Jake, Jackie & Bailey - 3 Amigos

To live on acres and acres of land is probably any dog's dream. Keeping guard over the house, greeting any visitors, overseeing the livestock, and watching for squirrels, turkeys, and snakes would just be part of a day's work. For Jake, Jackie, and Bailey, this dream is 100% a reality. These three pups started this dream as strays that were lucky enough to be taken in by their current family. They immediately assimilated to the country lifestyle and are now wonderful pets and even great working dogs...even more than the Border Collie at the end of the street! We started our session on the wrap-around porch - one of this pack's favorite hang outs. Here is Jake...

Jackie...and camera shy Bailey...and the 4-legged amigos...One of the pack's favorite things to do is to take a walk down the street to their grandfather's house. Just say the word and they are ready to go!It's a pretty long walk but along the way there are gorgeous fields to explore and rest in... At their grandfather's house, they get close and personal with the cows.Jake makes sure none of the livestock are out of line...Bailey was ready to work even though the cows were all set for the night.After such a long walk and tons of exploring, the dogs hopped a ride back home on the trailer.Jackie never misses a beat with those big ears!What a great ending to a fun-filled evening! These dogs are super awesome and they have quite the life. I hope their humans enjoy this sneak peek and I can't wait to see you three again soon!