Crystal Coast Pet Photography

Ruby - Flower Power

Ruby. Just the names triggers visions of beautiful, sparkling gems and a crimson wave of jewels. It was all too fitting to find a location just as awe-inspiring as Ruby's name and Ruby's unusual look. We were very lucky to stumble upon a gorgeous field of wildflowers just outside of Emerald Isle. The evening light was simply breathtaking and the flowers were dancing in the air like pink butterflies. Ruby, a rare white Boxer, was born to be photographed in such a stunning location.

I wanted to post this today because Ruby's mom is recovering from surgery. I hope this brings a little brightness into her day!Of course we had to have some play time mixed in with all that posing. Plus, what do you expect a dog to do in the fresh, cool sand?!?Ruby fell in LOVE with my little squeaky ball. I understand she stole it and is still playing with it regularly!The end.

Thank you, Ruby, for such a beautiful session. Take really good care of your mom over the next few weeks!