Lilly and Molly

So if my memory serves me correctly, I'm pretty sure I squealed with delight when I meet the tiny pair of Lilly and Molly. These two couldn't be more opposite in looks when it comes to small dogs.  Lilly is a fluffy, white, curlicue Maltipoo while Molly is a dark, wiry, big-eared Pomanauze. Both are super adorable in their own rights but, put them together and they make the ultimate duo!

These ladies were unbelievable tennis ball gurus despite their small size. I was so surprised at their agility and speed! After some quick posing, they were ready to go out and RUN!!! We captured some pretty awesome 4-paws-off-the-ground action shots! And if you didn't throw the ball in a timely fashion, Lilly was more than happy to give you a piece of her mind. Haha!