Blog Challenge #1

So before I jump right into the blog-share goodness that is to come,  I want to give everyone a quick update on the goings-on over here. It's a little related to what's below but anyway, here I go. The winter is always a little slower in photoland just because of the not-fun temperatures and the generally nasty looking landscape. Boo. That doesn't mean I'm not working behind the scenes! I've been busy with some commercial work, general business stuff (because, sadly, a photography business isn't all about taking pictures), and some other exciting new things...


My site hosting was up for renewal and honestly, I was really bored with my site. There was no personality, it didn't jazz me, and often times, the functionality just wasn't there.

Enter Squarespace. Their sites are dynamic, eye-catching, and really, really easy to use. Often times I feel like photographers get stuck in this mindset that their sites have to be custom-made, one-of-a-kind works of art that will immediately put them in the red. And that's all fine and good for those people. Just not for me. I'm all kinds of down for using a template.

See, another thing I've been working on over the past few months is simplification and minimalism in both my personal life and business. I'll touch on that more at a later date, but one thing I could apply that to immediately was my website. The new site is more clear, easier to read and enjoy, and way easier to manage on the backend. Over the next month or two, I'll also be integrating my blog into the site using the Squarespace blog platform provided. Way. more. simple.

So what else has been happening behind the scenes?

Well, I've started a fun little personal project that I'm going to be calling Wee Worlds. Basically, it's a 360°x180° panoramic image stitched together using mapping software. Kinda complicated but the end result are fun little tiny planets!

This project came at a great time because a wonderful group of pet photographer friends decided to start a monthly blog challenge. Each month we have an assignment/theme and we have to go out and create something awesome. We then post our creation to our blog and then link to the next photog's post. Kinda a cool idea to keep the creative juices flowing.

So this month's theme is Photoshop. To be honest, my Wee World's project uses very little Photoshop but there is certainly some in there. I had to clone out my tripod's shadow, enhance/correct colors, and remove sensor dust. Pretty light editing but I had to make the theme work with my personal project. :) So as a head's up, if this challenge continues, you'll be seeing quite a few more of these Wee Worlds! :)

And without further ado, here is this month's challenge piece. My very first completed Wee World named This is Eva's World. We're Just Living in It.


Eva sure would like to believe the world revolves around her. Haha!

Now on to the next photographer's take on the Photoshop challenge. I introduce you to Holly Montgomery all the way from BrindleBerry Pet Photography in Calgary, Canada. Go check out her fun and amazing Photoshop composite here:

Isn't funny how the internet indeed makes the Earth into a Wee World? ;)