Usually the first thing people do...

...when they find out that I'm a pet photographer is pull out their cell phone and show me pictures of their 4-legged friend (and it never gets old! I love it!) What I've learned is that anyone can take a cute picture of their pet and I've seen tons that melt my heart. However, while cell phone images are important for grabbing those rare and goofy moments, they often get lost somewhere in "the Cloud" or accidentally deleted forever. And very rarely do they become artwork.

That's sad.

I set out to solve that problem and in January 2010, Sarah McGraw Photography was born. I use my unique combination of patience, experience, lighting, and energy to capture modern images of your posh pet all while creating images that produce quality keepsake albums, displays, and wall art.

So come on in, take a look around, and give me a shout when you're ready for some amazing artwork of your furbaby. Oh, and if you see me out & about, don't hesitate to stop me and show me Fluffy's cell phone selfies!