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Dog Model Call - San Diego, CA

Dog Model Call - San Diego, CA

I am searching for happy, healthy dogs (see breeds needed below) for a shoot taking place September 11-15th in the San Diego, CA area. Here are the requirements…

  • Looking for the following breeds: Westie, Irish Setter, Lhasa Apso, Chocolate Lab, Shar-Pei, Australian Cattle Dog, and Australian Shepherd

  • Must be good off-leash and ok shooting outside in a park or beach

Model Call - Charleston, SC

I'll be in Charleston, SC this coming Monday to meet with Britt Croft Photography, Dana Cubbage Photography, and Blue Ruby Photography! I'm so excited to have a play shoot date with these ladies but we have a problem! We need a unique model or two to photograph! Can you help?

Simon - Studio Session

I have never photographed an Afghan Hound so I was very happy when Simon was submitted for the doggy model call! This stunner began his life in the showing world but ended up not being tall enough for the big time. He doesn't let that bother him though! He still struts his stuff with confidence and grace. When we first started the photo shoot, I think Simon thought he was in the showing ring! He just wanted to stand there and look handsome. After some coaxing, he relaxed and let his funny personality shine! Enjoy the sneak peak!

Simon - Studio SessionHaha! Wink, wink!I love the way his hair moved as he played. So graceful...

Sundrop - Studio Session

I loved editing Sundrop's pictures. Why? The whole time I kept singing to myself, "Sundrops keep falling on my head." I know, I know...wrong kind of *drop* but it worked perfectly in my version of the song. Actually, her proper name is Sundrop Puddleton but I couldn't quite get that to fit. Anyway, Sundrop did great during her photo shoot and I hope her mom and dad enjoy her sneak peak as much as I enjoyed making up songs with her name! I love the way Sundrop pranced around during the shoot. She seemed so happy :)Check out Sundrop's smile. No, this was NOT photoshopped!

Sasha - Studio Session

It makes me so sad when people prejudge dogs like Sasha. Just because she's a Doberman and she could turn into Snoop Dogg at any moment doesn't mean she's dangerous. In fact, she's the biggest goofball with a huge personality! She made me laugh the whole session and really ended up working it out! Tyra would be so proud. Sasha, you are welcome back at any time (and feel free to bring Snoop)! I mean, seriously. Doesn't Sasha look so threatening? Ha! Ha!Sasha, thanks so much for all the laughs! You were a pleasure to photograph and you really ended up working it for the camera. I hope your mom enjoys the sneak peak!

PS - I love Snoop Dogg!

Penny - Studio Session

Penny is the classic Golden Retriever. She is full of energy, is so sweet and loving, and is always on the move! I think she is shown best doing what she does, which is running, playing, and being energetic. That is the great thing about this week of doggy model sessions. I've seen so many doggy personalities and have to figure out how to show each of their very individual traits with nothing but a plain paper backdrop. I hope these images capture Penny's energy because she is so beautiful... Sometimes the images that aren't technically perfect are some of my favorites...I love Penny's crimped ears!

Thank you Penny for such a fun-filled session! I hope your mom enjoys her sneak peak!

Mya - Studio Session

When I saw Mya's submission to the model search, I just knew I had to pick her. Her markings are gorgeous and her eyes are to die for! I knew she would be perfect for the new grey backdrop I had in mind just for these portfolio-building sessions. I think she looks beautiful on the grey... Aren't her eyes gorgeous?A big thank you Mya and her mom for participating in the model search. Stay beautiful little lady!

Phoebe Buffet - Studio Session

Monday night I was graced with the presence of a true old soul - Phoebe Buffet. This sweet lady is an eleven-and-a-half year young St. Bernard with the most fulfilling life. Her mommy works with the Humane Society of Iredell so Phoebe has spent her life teaching fosters puppies how to become great dogs fit for their forever homes. She has taught countless pups how to be crate-trained, house broken, and well-rounded. On top of her mothering skills, she has grown up playing and swimming in the pond located on her 11+ acre plot of land. I think her important fostering responsibilities and seriously fun hobby have aided in rewarding her with the clean bill of health she has had her whole life. Phoebe Buffet was easy to photograph as she has gotten a little slower with age. I love this dog so much and I only spent a very short time with her. You can see her stories, experiences, and the patience in her eyes...eyes filled with such depth and soul. Hugs and slobbery kisses to her...

Her mommy loves tongue photos and, fortunately, so do I!Phoebe Buffet was sporting the Lion Cut for her photo shoot...