West Jefferson

Mountain Weekend

The weekend after my beach trip, I headed up in elevation and spent a couple days in the mountains of West Jefferson, NC. I was lucky enough to hang out with a couple other NC pet photographers...Mary Curry (www.marycurryphotography.com), Amy Choate (www.amychoate.com), and Nunthany Johnson (www.nunthanyjohnson.com). We rented a cute little cabin named the Rustic Retreat. The name is misleading, however, as this cabin was perfect for our little get-together! undefined

What are a group of pet photographers going to do when they get together. Yep! Photograph pets. Unfortunately, we couldn't bring our own furbabies. Cabin rules. So went went on a hunt for some cute pups to be our stand-in models.

Luckily, we ran into some neighbors that happened to be out walking their dogs while we were driving down off the mountain. They were more than accommodating and let us have an impromptu session right there in the street (no worries...it was just a neighborhood gravel drive). Not only did these neighbors own two dogs, they also had 4 cats - one of which took it upon herself to be included in the nightly walk. She was more than curious when it came to the camera and quickly warmed up to the idea of a photo shoot. While the other girls photographed the dogs, I made the kitty my model. Meet my new friend, Rosie...

undefinedundefinedundefinedRosie was so curious about the camera...undefinedSo, so curious...undefinedundefinedundefinedThe wind was really blowing this evening and leaves were flying everywhere. One caught Rosie's eye...undefinedScore! undefinedundefinedOf course I had to get a shot of her sisters. This is Trixie... undefinedAnd Sable...undefinedAnd one last one of my sweet Rosie. I really feel in love with this cat. Just look at her cute little smile and those gorgeous eyes. I heart you.undefined

From the Sea to the Mountains

I know, I know. I have my blog title backward. But that's the direction I traveled the last few weeks! Last week I spent several days relaxing on the beaches of Emerald Isle, NC and this weekend, I hung out in a cabin in the mountains of West Jefferson, NC. Here is a little sneak peek of the blog posts from each of my adventures. Stay tuned...